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new york city engagement

September 26, 2017


ERICA & THORNE | NEW YORK CITY ENGAGEMENTnew york city engagement

Okay, I know I always seem to start of blog posts like – “wow, this one was different” but… I’m really for reals not kidding this time! I’m basically crying because this time, I photographed my SISTER and her FIANCE for their NYC ENGAGEMENT! Wow – Erica and Thorne are getting MARRIED!!!! It’s been a thought on all of our minds for years and now it’s REAL! Erica and Thorne met during the summer of 2010 before their sophomore year of college at Virginia Tech. They were at their Kappa Delta/Sigma Chi river float with a bunch of friends and people were telling her about this guy “Thorne” and as soon as they met, they spent the afternoon floating on the river, talking about school and goals for after college. You could say the rest was history… countless college date parties, ski trips to Wintergreen, study dates at their VT coffeeshop, Deets, tailgates, KD & EX formals, graduating, and moving to NYC for life after college!

The first inkling I knew of “engagement” was earlier this year in April. I was visiting Erica for a few days and one night Thorne whispers to me and pulls me into hallway of their one bedroom Chelsea apartment. You know… hallway that’s also the living room, kitchen, and the front entry way… two feet away from the bedroom door where Erica was sleeping! He says, “So… IF I were to start looking at rings… do you know what Erica wants?” (I was literally “screaming” inside with no sound!) I sent Thorne the secret pictures then quickly deleted any evidence from my phone. Fast forward a few months and Thorne proposed to Erica on August 11th at sunrise in California!

From Erica: “Thorne devised the plan to propose during the sunrise hike to the top of Mission Peak that we do every year when we visit his extended family. We woke up at 5am and began our journey – this time with Thorne’s entire (immediate) family. Once we got to the top he called me over and I KNEW it was happening… but then he got down and TIED HIS SHOE. We stood there for a little longer and I quickly realized… “oh, it’s not happening”… then he hugged me from behind and opened the box as the sun came out from behind a cloud. From there on, I don’t remember anything except crying and shaking and laughing! We celebrated with champagne and then FaceTimed my family!!”


Let’s switch gears to PICTURES! Keep reading to see my one too many favorites and also what Thorne and Erica love most about each other… I just LOVE this NYC engagement!!!

new york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-92_WEBnew york city engagementnew york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-17_WEBnew york city engagementLike seriously. A fave.
new york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-91_WEBnew york city engagementnew york city engagementSo Central Park was a little cray… but I made it look less crazy!new york city engagementFall is peeking through! I spy some yellow leaves!new-york-city-central-park-engagement-23_WEBnew york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-26_WEBMy favorite thing about Thorne is when he really laughs. I mean REALLY laughs and his eyes squint and he makes this high pitched hyena laugh and rocks back and forth. Sometimes I feel lucky enough that I get to witness it because we BOTH can’t stop laughing. – Enew-york-city-central-park-engagement-25_WEBnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-29_WEBnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-27_WEBnew york city engagementnew york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-32_WEBnew york city engagementnew york city engagementnew york city engagementnew york city engagementnew york city engagementnew york city engagementMy favorite thing about Erica is how she’s always been very supportive of everything that I’m doing… (whether it be work, studying for the CFA (he passed by the way!), or even a Virginia Tech Football Podcast.) No matter the situation, she can always make me laugh and help me put whatever the task is at the moment in perspective. -Tnew york city engagementOne of my FAVORITES!new york city engagementnew york city engagementnew york city engagementAnd then we practically had SOHO all to ourselves…new york city engagementnew york city engagementLOVEEEEEnew york city engagementnew york city engagementnew york city engagement

Their favorite things to do together in the city are walk around the Hudson and Central Park or hangout and watch football with their friends. They’re also made for each other because they never get sick of Mexican food and LOVE getting guacamole and (the 7 Salsa Sampler) at their favorite Mexican spot called, Empellon.

new york city engagementnew york city engagementSome may call this a blooper but I love Erica’s laugh!new york city engagementnew york city engagement

Erica: “I have dreamt of this day since I was little. Of course it was always about the dress, the flowers, and all the extras, but as time went on I prayed that I was going to marry someone that would always put me first and our relationship. I am so excited to finally make it official after all these years and celebrate our love story with our family and friends.”new york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-65_WEB

Thorne’s most exciting part about the wedding? Besides loving Erica and getting married(!!!) “Dance Floor.” He can’t wait to bust a move on the dance floor and break it down to Shout! (his favorite wedding song) and then switch gears to his true musical love, Drake… but really. He’s basically Drake’s #1 york city engagementlols. everyone, to capture the Freedom Tower into a shot! #citylife
new york city engagement

After a super long day in Central Park… we woke up at 5:30am and went over the to the Brooklyn Bridge for SUNRISE… which actually turned out to be… fog-rise… oops. Still pretty epic!

new york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-74_WEBnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-72_WEBnew york city engagementnew york city engagementbrooklyn-bridge-nyc-engagement-3_WEBnew york city engagementHad to bring it back to their Hokie days!new york city engagementnew york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-78_WEB

new york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-90_WEBnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-85_WEBnew york city engagementnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-83_WEBnew-york-city-central-park-engagement-86_WEB

A blooper for the #Thornica fans out there…new york city engagement

All I have to say is… new-york-city-central-park-engagement-5_WEB

Can’t wait to celebrate with Erica and Thorne next September! It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN and I’m so excited for my sister and the love of her life!! Welcome to the crazy Denfeld family, Thorne! We love you both!

brett denfeld photography

  1. Phil Denfeld says:

    Brett you did a great job of capturing some awesome photos.
    As USUAL!!!

  2. OMG I am going to CRY! These photos are amazing! So happy for Erica & Thorne!!

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