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What to Wear! – For solo portraits!


April 23, 2015

what_to_wear_portraits_teal_coral_sunset_photographer_Brett Denfeld Photography

So, you’ve booked your portrait session and you’re struggling on what you want to wear! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, you’ve got this! I’ve have people asking me all the time, “but what should I wear? Can I bring another outfit? I don’t know if I want this or that?”… breathe! I have some quick and easy tips to help you narrow it down! and YES, you can bring another outfit!

Don’t stress… read on to give yourself some ideas!

BE YOURSELF! This shoot is about YOU! I want your personality to shine! If you have a shirt you LOVE to wear, wear it! If you have a favorite dress, bring it! If you’re a soccer stud, throw on your jersey for a few shots! Wear what makes you, YOU!
virginia_tech_senior_blacksburg_photographer_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyBE COMFORTABLE! Nothing is more awkward than having to tug on a top that’s too tight or pants that keep falling down. Be conscious of which parts of your body make you feel uncomfortable. For instance, if you don’t like your arms, avoid strapless dresses. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are, you won’t be happy with your photos… and we do not want that!

LAYER & ACCESSORIZE! I don’t know about you, but I love necklaces and scarves. Jewelry, scarves, cardigans, or jackets are a simple way to mix it up and not have to completely change your outfit! If you like wearing headbands or have a special locket you always wear… well hello, wear it! *GUYS, You can “accessorize” too! Play a sport? Bring a prop along!

blush_pastel_denim_jean_portraits_brett denfeld photographyrustic_country_virginia_senior_guy_photographer- Brett Denfeld Photographywhat_to_wear_senior_girl_portraits_northern_virginia_aldie_photographer_Brett Denfeld PhotographyBRING MORE THAN ONE OUTFIT! I have no problem with this! Most clients like to have a casual outfit and then a nicer/fancier option! *Make sure to bring them on a hanger so they stay nice and wrinkle-free!*

country_senior_girl_portraits_middleburg_virginia_photographer_Brett Denfeld PhotographyPATTERNS: Patterns are okay just as long as you stay away from fine/tiny patterns because they tend to look blurry or make you feel dizzy when you look at the photos. BUT don’t shy away just yet! Don’t be afraid to wear a pattern for a few photos if you have an outfit you really love!

spring_floral_pink_purple_dresses_Virginia_Tech_Brett Denfeld Photographyfall_red_orange_plaid_senior_boy_portraits_Aldie_Virginia_photographer_Brett Denfeld PhotographySOLIDS: Can’t go wrong with neutrals or solid colors. Neutrals like jeans, gray, black, cream are a great way to start building your outfit. You can always add pops of color with your accessories!

VMFA_Richmond_virginia_photographer_Brett Denfeld Photographynautical_engagement_navy_white_virginia_photographer_Brett Denfeld PhotographySHOES: Shoes are important to the outfit too! Bring along a couple choices to go with different outfits. Sandals, heels, Toms, cowboy/girl boots…!

Morgan-VT-blog-12_WEBLOCATION/WEATHER: Keep your location in mind when planning your outfit! If you’re at school, what are your school colors? If we’re on a farm, wear your boots! If it’s hot and sticky, try wearing flowy and lightweight clothes that won’t stick to you and make sweat marks. If you’re walking through a field with tall grass, you probably won’t want to wear heels! Also keep in mind the colors of your surroundings so you don’t blend in, but POP out!

Virginia_Tech_Hokies_Senior_Portraits_Burress_Hall_Blacksburg_Virginia_Photographer_Brett Denfeld PhotographerVirignia_Tech_Hokies_Blacksburg_Virginia_Photographer_Brett Denfeld Photographysnowy_winter_photoshoot_northern_viriginia_photographer_Brett Denfeld PhotographerTHINGS TO AVOID: NEON – it sticks out like a sore thumb! Also try to avoid shirts with words or big logos.

If you’re still confused/unsure/nervous about what to wear, don’t hesitate to contact me or send me photos of what you’re thinking out! I’ll be happy to help out :)

ONE LAST THING: Bring you, yourself, and your smile and you will ROCK IT!

senior_portraits_northern_Virginia_Brett Denfeld Photography

xoxo, Brett

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