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April 15, 2020

THE PRINT SHOP by Brett Denfeld Photography You may have heard me talk about my new travel Print Shop on Facebook or Instagram! I’m so excited that this travel print shop exists now… it’s been a long time coming! I LOVE to travel and capture the world through my eyes. I have several of my […]

July 3, 2019

BDPHOTOS TRIES FILM PHOTOGRAPHY As much as I love taking photos of people, I also LOVE taking pictures of buildings, doors, and studying architecture. I experimented with some film over the earlier part of this year and this is what I’ve come up with! Here are some film images around Richmond, New York City, Washington […]

June 28, 2019

SURPRISE TRIP TO PORTO, PORTUGAL Remember that time that I took the train to NYC for my 30th birthday trip and my sisters surprised me with a trip to Porto, Portugal instead? Yeah. I basically still can’t believe that it actually happened. This blog post answers all of those burning questions like, “how did you […]

August 10, 2018

3 DAYS IN MONTREAL | TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER Montreal = surprising! I went into a 3 day trip (well 4 if you count the evening we got there!) to Montreal without ANY knowledge about it. Some trips I do more research on what to do, what to see… but honestly, I’ve been moving 100 mph for […]

December 18, 2017

EUROPE ADVENTURE: LONDON | TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER I’ve been SO behind with these travel posts! I traveled to Europe with my mom back in JULY for 18 days. J U L Y!¬†First up, London. One of my favorite cities in the WORLD! I’ve written about London before. If you’ve followed me long enough, you know that […]