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August 31, 2015

The answer is… No… never.

Please don’t get upset and cry or something!!!! I don’t say this to be mean in any way… but most people don’t truly understand why. Some people think I charge extra to edit… no. Some think they’ll just edit the photos themselves… not gonna happen. All of the images on my website, blog, and Facebook are edited. Not DRASTICALLY like I swapped everyone’s faces around and inserted them onto a different background, but they have all been hand touched by me. Anything I release is a reflection of me, my brand, and my style as an artist! I do what I do for YOU! I create one of a kind images for you to LOVE! I wouldn’t want to give you the “rough draft” of a photo before I deem it presentable! The way I enhance my images is not to take away from the natural beauty of my subject but to take it up a notch to where they pop and give you a WOW feeling! I take time and effort to deliver something I’m proud of and can’t wait for my client to receive!

Keep reading to see what I mean!! I’ll explain a little bit about the editing in each one so you can understand WHY I chose to edit it that way and really see WHY the after is better.

Have you ever taken a picture of a sunset? Let’s be honest… we have ALL done it. Half the time the photo comes out too dark or the colors don’t seem as vivid and bright as they are in real life so then we cry about it, post it on instagram with a bazillion filters and call it a day… but really. The photo below of Colton is a perfect example of those oranges and yellows not popping in the Fall trees behind him. I still LOVE the photo but the colors are sad and muted… a few adjustments and the colors are back!

unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographySame thing here… the sun was setting and the light was getting more blue toned. In order to make the image “pop” again, I warmed it back up which helped with the overall image and Megan’s skin tone and made the greens a little happier… you heard me :) It’s all about the greens in this image. To me this image almost feels tropical!unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThis detail shot was a little dark, so I brightened the image by making the shadows brighter and pulling up the highlights a little bit more. I wanted that ring to SHINE and those flowers to look nice and bright!unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyCassie & David’s wedding was GORGEOUS (Click HERE to view more!). The overall image is beautiful with the sunlight pouring through the willow tree, but that blue hint and sort of “fade” coloring is not. I warmed up this image significantly so that the sunlight was more GLOWY and their skin tone was sun-kissed!unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyAnother detail shot where the colors were too muted and gray. A few simple steps and the image has life again!unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyMy pretty sister Morgan! (Click HERE to view more of Morgan’s senior session at Virginia Tech!) Starting to see a trend of warming up the imag??!!! Her skin is warmer and brighter and the colors in her dress are more vibrant, her natural blonde highlights shine a bit more and her eyes really POP! Morgan has really pretty eyes and they were hidden in the first photo!unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThis image was already lovely to start out with!! Golden hour ROCKS (you can read more about why I love it HERE!). Again with the warming and a touch of contrast adjustment to get the bride’s hair to pop more and the skin tone to be more warm.unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyI LOVED this stone house and Katie’s hot pink shirt but the tones in the before images are a little flat because the sunlight was already setting behind the buildings. I enhanced the vibrance of the pink and warmed up the stones to make this photo a little more lively.unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyYou can bareeeely see a difference in this picture of Elodie… but the second one is a bit warmer and brighter.unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThe field goes from blah to voilà! See more of Megan’s session HERE!unedited_photo_edited_photo_Brett_Denfeld_Photography

Thank you SO much for reading! Want to see more FAQs? CLICK HERE!


xoxo, Brett

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