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September 3, 2015



When you think of London, I bet you think of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, tea time, and Queen Elizabeth. Am I right?! I think I got 5 out of 5 for that one. But there is so much more than just central London! One of my favorite things about London is the architecture and how OLD the buildings are. I’m drawn to those classic buildings with old columns and weathered brick and stone… When I studied in London, I took an English Architecture course (which was SUPER hard) but allowed me to tour so many of the gorgeous buildings throughout the city. My favorites are Westminster Abbey cathedral, the Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge (not to be confused with the London Bridge). BUT the interesting thing about the London skyline is the mix of old and new. From the White Tower of the Tower of London finished in 1078 to the new 20 Fenchurch “walkie talkie” building finished in 2014 (seen in the photo above)… I don’t think there has ever been a crane-less skyline in London.

This trip I explored another area of London where I had never been! East London & the financial districts.

The Shard! (A recent addition to the skyline! It was completed in 2013!) Next trip, I plan on going to the observation deck!)
20150720-3M5A5758_WEBJust for fun, we took the Emirates Air Line to view the River Thames from the sky!20150723-3M5A5902_WEB20150723-3M5A5920_WEB20150723-3M5A5917_WEBThe O2 Arena! (The busiest venue in the WORLD!)20150723-3M5A5924_WEB

THIS BUILDING! SO COOL! 20150723-3M5A5931_WEB20150723-3M5A5940_WEB20150723-3M5A5937_WEB20150723-3M5A5936_WEBA plane flying through the spokes… (well not really)20150723-3M5A5957_WEB

We stopped by Olympic park which was really neat. The aquatic center was so neat to see in person!
20150723-3M5A5842_WEB20150723-3M5A5830_WEB20150723-3M5A5831_WEB20150723-3M5A5868_WEB20150723-3M5A5858_WEBNext stop was Canary Wharf! I never knew what this area looked like! Tall shiny, reflective, silver and blue buildings decorated with the reflections of clouds passing by…20150723-3M5A5977_WEBMessing around with reflections!20150723-3M5A5989_WEB20150723-3M5A5991_WEB


Next stop was the financial district towards the center of the city. A mix of old and new!20150723-3M5A6065_WEB20150723-3M5A6057_WEB20150723-3M5A6075_WEB20150723-3M5A6083_WEB20150723-3M5A6090_WEB20150723-3M5A6007_WEB

Next week, come back for a tour of Notting Hill & the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea!

xoxo, Brett