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November 13, 2015


thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyDELANEY & TJ | JEFFERSON MEMORIAL | WASHINGTON, D.C.

The moment I started chatting with Delaney about wedding plans – I knew we were going to hit it off! She sent me an email with lots of detail that I could paint the picture of her wedding vision. That’s my kinda girl – I’m a sucker for ALL THE DETAILS. I’ve been that way for forever. I think Delaney was scared she was telling me too many things, but I assured her that she wasn’t crazy! When it came time to decide where she wanted engagement photos taken it just HAD to be DC. TJ proposed to Delaney in front of the Washington Monument. I mentioned that the Jefferson Memorial was the perfect spot because you can see the monument perfectly across the tidal basin! Being huge Halloween fans, they skipped their normal party plans so they would be photo ready the day after Halloween! To compromise, Delaney let TJ wear his Halloween tie to the photoshoot. Both of them were so photogenic and easy going! We had a blast shooting all around the Jefferson! The place was swarming with people and two other photoshoots happening at the same time… but you’d never be able to tell from these images!! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next Summer!

thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyThese two are TOO cute!thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyWaited for the perfect moment when no on was on the steps…DelaneyTJ-25DelaneyTJ-26thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyLove this one!thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyTJ is in IT and Delaney is a pre-K teacher and works with one of my best friends!
thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographySo this is the cutest – TJ has pennies from his birth year and Delaney’s birth year in his penny loafers! Delaney didn’t even know he had them in there for the longest time!DelaneyTJ-79thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyI love how monumental this photo is! This architecture is a dream!thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyDelaneyTJ-104DelaneyTJ-114DelaneyTJ-117DelaneyTJ-127thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyDelaneyTJ-149thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyOne of my favorites!thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyJust to prove there were actually people at the monument.
thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographythomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyThe sun had already set and we were walking back to the car but I had to grab one last picture in front of this gorgeous yellow tree!thomas_jefferson_memorial_washington_dc_engagement_brett_denfeld_photographyxoxo bd


  1. Dorothy Ramsey says:

    Oh my gosh! TJ at TJ’s memorial — how cool is that? Delaney and TJ such a darling couple! Loved the penny loafers!! And the way you captured the blue and red bikes on either side of the photo proving there were people there yet without having your subjects centered in the photo was sheer perfection!

  2. […] gorgeous. Jen & David’s December wedding will be on the blog soon! Keep your eyes peeled!Delaney & TJ’s Jefferson Memorial engagement session was monumental! (haha) I can’t wait for their Leesburg wedding in July!In November I traveled […]

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