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December 2, 2015


PariswithErin-93_WEBWith everything happening in Paris at the moment, I decided to finally finish editing my vacation photos from my trip to Paris this past Summer. I never finished! I blogged about 10 things I think you should know about Paris (you can read that HERE!) But I got into busy season and didn’t have time to edit the rest of the photos. It was great to re-live the memories from the city of light. It was one of my greatest trips to date… I traveled with my friend Erin, who I’ve known for EIGHTEEN years, y’all. BUT half the time she’s at sea – she is a singer/dancer on Carnival Cruise lines! So when she in town, only about 3 months of the year, we have longggg catch-up sessions! She called me out of the blue in May and asked if I wanted to go to Paris… DUH. So that was that. We had a BLAST. We were the best travel buddies – we did any and everything that we wanted to each day. It was an amazing experience through the people we met, the food we ate, and the miles we walked (20+ miles a day!).

PariswithErin-5_WEBWhen you’re traveling with a dancer….
PariswithErin-24_WEBand then of course we needed to document that I was in fact on this vacay.
PariswithErin-40_WEBParis is a city full of “my colors” & textures!PariswithErin-38_WEBPariswithErin-41_WEBWalking along the Siene at night is magicalPariswithErin-44_WEBCan you tell that it is sparkling?? It’s the most magical sight!
PariswithErin-147_WEBThis had us laughing really hard…PariswithErin-51_WEBPariswithErin-53_WEBPariswithErin-62_WEBPariswithErin-68_WEBPariswithErin-69_WEBPariswithErin-76_WEBPariswithErin-77_WEBPariswithErin-78_WEBHow CUTE is this passage?!
PariswithErin-79_WEBPariswithErin-82_WEBErin walking with out tour guide, Anne!!PariswithErin-83_WEBPariswithErin-80_WEBPariswithErin-85_WEBThe Palais Royal with its interest art sculptures…

PariswithErin-98_WEBPariswithErin-88_WEBPariswithErin-91_WEBPariswithErin-97_WEBPariswithErin-135_WEBHOW CUTE ARE THESE KIDS???!!!PariswithErin-136_WEBI lovedddd this walkway!PariswithErin-87_WEBPariswithErin-120_WEBDoes this look like a movie set or what?
PariswithErin-140_WEBPariswithErin-100_WEBPariswithErin-101_WEBPariswithErin-107_WEBWhat a view from the top of this hill!PariswithErin-108_WEBHow cute is this guy? Watching him paint was fun.PariswithErin-109_WEBPariswithErin-111_WEBBlue stormy sky, red flowers, and the flag? perf.PariswithErin-114_WEBPariswithErin-115_WEBPariswithErin-119_WEBGO TO VERSAILLES FOR THE DAY!

Versailles, you guys, it’s WORTH THE 2 hour wait in line.
PariswithErin-151_WEBPariswithErin-154_WEBPariswithErin-155_WEBPariswithErin-156_WEBLook at those trees!!!PariswithErin-160_WEBWhen I saw this garden… I died. GORGEOUS.PariswithErin-172_WEBPariswithErin-161_WEBPariswithErin-169_WEBPariswithErin-174_WEBErin and I walked through every garden except for 2 that were closed to the public. So much walking and wandering…PariswithErin-178_WEBPariswithErin-183_WEBPariswithErin-188_WEBIn love with the giant topiaries that were EVERYWHERE!PariswithErin-191_WEBPariswithErin-196_WEBWhat we wanted to do in Versailles was wear cute dresses and take photos because duh, it’s so pretty, but instead, it was windy, cold, and rainy so we just took selfies.euro-gram-161_WEBOn my last day in Paris, we climbed the Arc du Triomphe and of course it was sunny and beautiful.
PariswithErin-202_WEBPariswithErin-201_WEBYou can see so far from the top!!PariswithErin-197_WEB

PariswithErin-204_WEBAs you can see, if you haven’t been to Paris already… you need to put it on the list. It’s full of history, art, delicious desserts that must be eaten at least twice a day (because why not?), and iconic architecture. A day trip to Versailles is a MUST and eating macarons every day is also encouraged. Au Revoir!

xoxo bd

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  1. Lacey says:

    Wonderful set of photos! There is never enough time to visit every beautiful nook and cranny of Paris! I love that you were able to capture no only the grandiose of the city of love but also its little details. Great blog post especially in the aftermath of such tragic events!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Scare Cœur! One of my favorite spots in all of Paris! The market area was so lovely and welcoming! Brett, these are beautiful. We have got to travel together ????

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