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May 5, 2016


Life TIP #5-4I don’t know how many of you keep a journal. But I really think you should consider it! I used to write in a journal sporadically and when I went on vacation and then I stopped. Last Fall, I picked up a blank journal and starting writing. Why was I waiting to fill the pages? Why did it have to be a crazy event for me to write something down? Guess what? It doesn’t have to be. You know why? Because it’s so neat to be able to remember your thoughts from a particular day later down the road. You might remember an event, sure, but I bet you don’t remember your exact thoughts.

I challenge you to go dig out a journal that you have laying around. We ALL have one (or several) that we’ve gotten as gifts or bought ourselves 5 years ago when we told ourselves we were going to start journaling… okay, okay.


Take a minute (or 30) to unload your mind. Take a break from your computer. Take a break from your phone. Take a moment to sit down and spill the beans. No one has to read this journal – you can literally write about ANYTHING and the page won’t judge you. Doodle on a whole page. Write a list of places you want to go. Write about you day – it might be “boring” stuff like “I did laundry and went to the post office” or it might be awesome like “I turned the music up and had a dance party by myself in the kitchen.”

Whatever it may be, go get your favorite pen (yeah, I have a favorite… THIS KIND… it’s so smoothhhh. i’m weird) and your journal and get writing!xoxo bd