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June 6, 2016



A lot can happen in a year. You hear that saying all the time. But I’m not kidding you, a LOT can happen in a year. I’ve been in business for a few years but June 5th marked my first full year of being a FULL-TIME photographer. HOLY SMOKES!

So this is one of those reflecting blog posts—

I’m so so so thankful for ALL of my clients! All of the families, senior portraits, engaged couples who chose ME to capture their engagement photos and weddings. You have NO IDEA how thankful I am to have the job that I do… here I can really share what I’m good at and give people memories that they can keep FOREVER. I’m happy that I can make people happy. I’m happy that people choose ME to travel with them and capture their memories everywhere! I can combine my LOVE of traveling with my job and that is incredible!IMG_5369_WEB

This is a shoutout to all the people who have helped keep this dream alive. This is a shoutout to all the people from the last year and the years before and the years to come. Let’s bring out all the cliches that fit into this moment – thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being the BEST clients, thank you for supporting and following me, I truly couldn’t do it without you. I couldn’t. I mean that.

A huge thank you to my super supportive family and friends who are always cheering for me! I love you!


It’s the most rewarding feeling to deliver a session and receive the feedback that your client LOVES your work and is so happy that YOU were the one that captured those moments. With every share on social media or sweet email I receive, I’m SO happy to bring positivity into their lives. There are so many photographers in the world but they chose me. That feels pretty dang great!

I know in my heart that I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I’ve always been a giver and a sharer. I’m in love with the fact that I have a job where I am GIVING my clients something. I love connecting with people, period. Fellow creative business owners, old clients, new clients, seniors from my senior sessions, brides, grooms, families of the bridal party, friends at the wedding, and everyone in between. A photography session or wedding isn’t just a point and shoot affair. There’s so much more to it than “take the picture” and be done. It’s an experience for everyone. I like to be myself because I realize it makes people feel comfortable. I’m never going to stand there with my camera and yell at everyone to get in line… I would probably get a deer in headlights look if I tried… but that tactic doesn’t work for me. I show up to a shoot to bring out the best in people. I want my clients to feel like they’re hanging out with a friend and not a stranger. So I’m sometimes a little silly at sessions… like the photo below (thanks, Kir!)IMG_5663_WEB

What I’ve learned this year is that it’s okay to follow your dreams even when you aren’t sure what the next step is. Who EVER knows what is around the corner, ever. If you’ve ever met someone who knows all, let me know. It’s 100% cliche but – life is TOO short to be anything but happy. Your question every day should be… why not me?? I may not be making millions of dollars and still trying to figure out how life works as a self-employed individual, but it’s worth it. I promise you. It is worth taking your ONE life seriously. It would be a big mistake to look back someday and wonder what would have happened ‘IF’ I went full-time. I don’t have to wonder anymore because I’m living it every day. The ins and outs: the busy days, the slow days, the days where I question WHAT THE HECK I’m doing, the days people ask me “what the heck” I’m doing, the days I’m editing sessions, the days I’m shooting weddings, the days I’m paying bills & taxes, the days I’m figuring out new marketing tools, the days I’m reading and researching business strategies, the days I book new clients, the days where I don’t book new clients, the days I’m delivering a family session, the days I’m making lists of my lists, the days I’m sharing images and receiving feedback… all of those days happen and more. But I can tell you one thing – I’ve never felt more brave. Even among the uncertainty and doubt – I never thought I would be this brave… to quit my job and pursue photography full-time. It’s a strange feeling but a feeling that struck me – I CAN do anything.48fieldsfarm-leesburgva-tuesdaystogether-brett-headshots-photos-1_WEB

(thanks to Bethanne for this lovely photo of myself and my camera child)

Thank you to all these clients who were a HUGE part of my first full year!KBRheborg-9_WEB

and CHEERS to clients old and new and to year 2 of self-employment!xoxo bd




  1. Patrick Titus says:

    Thanks Brett for your tremendous friendly professionalism at the wedding at Lee Chapel. Your technical know-how is first rate! And your soft side makes you a cut above!
    Very sincerely, Patrick J. Titus

  2. Darden Ramsey says:

    Seeing how independent you’ve become is so inspiring! You really know how to work that camera girl. Love you and your work xoxo

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