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washington and lee vmi lexington wedding

June 27, 2016


washington and lee vmi lexington weddingLORA & KYLE | A ROMANTIC LEXINGTON WEDDING | WASHINGTON & LEE/VMI | LEXINGTON, VAVolantWedding-1

Lora and Kyle’s June 18th wedding day couldn’t have gone more smoothly. It was the most beautiful day with puffy white clouds and a blue sky and a little bit of a breeze in the shade, which in June in Virginia, is unheard of. The girls got ready in Moody Hall – the same building where the reception would be held – and I couldn’t get over the beautiful architecture! I shot all detail shots outside on the patio! Lora’s twin sister, Taylor, helped put together a ribbon with family heirlooms to tie onto the bridal bouquet. I loved that family touch!VolantWedding-30From left to right: Step great grandmother’s gold and whalebone pin from Alaska, locket with a photo of Great Aunt Lora who the bride is named after, handmade floral pin made by Lora’s great grandmother, and a hummingbird pin from her grandmother.VolantWedding-36

VolantWedding-2VolantWedding-7VolantWedding-9Lora’s something blue!VolantWedding-13VolantWedding-15VolantWedding-40blush and cream summer wedding lexington virginia vmi washington and leeThis door made a beautiful frame for Lora’s gown!VolantWedding-22VolantWedding-23VolantWedding-27

VolantWedding-48VolantWedding-59VolantWedding-62Lora’s bridesmaids! Her sister Taylor and her new sister-in-law, Anna!VolantWedding-67VolantWedding-56VolantWedding-81VolantWedding-85VolantWedding-88VolantWedding-93VolantWedding-91VolantWedding-97VolantWedding-99

VolantWedding-114VolantWedding-115When I first started talking about wedding day photos with Lora she told me that she really wanted their first look captured during the ceremony. Due to some restrictions in the chapel I told Lora that I wasn’t going to be able to capture that moment as well and I didn’t want to promise something that I couldn’t deliver. After we discussed it further, she agreed to share a first look with Kyle before the ceremony to capture that first moment together, privately, and then have time to take photos with the bridal party! What I love about the first look is capturing the true emotions between the bride and the groom when they can see each other, hug one another, maybe cry, and share quiet time together without the eyes of an entire audience of guests. They can be themselves and have a moment of peace before all the wedding day chaos!

I loved this sweet moment between Kyle and his sister, Anna, right before Lora walked outside!VolantWedding-121

He’s ready!

VolantWedding-123VolantWedding-124VolantWedding-128So happy!!VolantWedding-132VolantWedding-138VolantWedding-141VolantWedding-131VolantWedding-149VolantWedding-146VolantWedding-150VolantWedding-158VolantWedding-161VolantWedding-147VolantWedding-166VolantWedding-170VolantWedding-633VolantWedding-172VolantWedding-176VolantWedding-178VolantWedding-181VolantWedding-187VolantWedding-185So in love with Lora’s gorgeous bouquet!VolantWedding-193VolantWedding-192VolantWedding-197Washington & Lee and VMI (Virginia Military Institute) are right next to each other so we were blessed with gorgeous architecture at both places! We wandered over to the grounds in front of the chapel to take portraits and shots with the bridal party!VolantWedding-202

One of my favorites!VolantWedding-205VolantWedding-206VolantWedding-213VolantWedding-216VolantWedding-226VolantWedding-225VolantWedding-237You guys look stunning!VolantWedding-246VolantWedding-219VolantWedding-239The happiest bride!!
VolantWedding-258VolantWedding-259VolantWedding-253VolantWedding-249VolantWedding-252So pretty, Lora!VolantWedding-270Kyle and his groomsmen! His younger brother, Joe, and his best friend & roommate from VMI, John.

VolantWedding-295VolantWedding-306VolantWedding-319VolantWedding-324My signature bridesmaids flower shot!
VolantWedding-328VolantWedding-335VolantWedding-365blush and cream summer wedding lexington virginia vmi washington and leeVolantWedding-342I love this shot with the chapel in the background and all the greenery!VolantWedding-338VolantWedding-350VolantWedding-364VolantWedding-359VolantWedding-370VolantWedding-372VolantWedding-374VolantWedding-375

How cute is this chapel?! Seriously!? Let’s dive into the history for a minute… When Robert E Lee became the president of Washington College in 1865 he noticed they needed a meeting place. It started being built in January 1867 and was completed in June 1868.VolantWedding-481

See those two paintings? They are both ORIGINAL pieces of art! The painting of George Washington (left) is the first portrait he ever posed for when he was 40 years old. The painting of Robert E. Lee was painted 34 years after his death from a series of photos.VolantWedding-378VolantWedding-381VolantWedding-387VolantWedding-397VolantWedding-405VolantWedding-408VolantWedding-412VolantWedding-415VolantWedding-417VolantWedding-423Shots from the balcony!VolantWedding-427VolantWedding-443VolantWedding-447VolantWedding-455It’s official! Mr & Mrs Kyle Volant!
VolantWedding-464VolantWedding-467Funny story about family photos… it was really bright in front of the chapel but I really wanted to get some family shots in front so I waited for a massive cloud to block the sun and shuffled the family quickly to get my shots before the sun peeked back out!
VolantWedding-496Love this photo!VolantWedding-508Ladies & gentlemen… the NEW Mrs. Volant!VolantWedding-520All the happy parents and step-parents!VolantWedding-527One of my favorite photos!! Gorgeous!VolantWedding-532Just a photo of a window – because I was obsessed with them! haha!VolantWedding-486VolantWedding-494I had the pleasure of meeting Lora and Kyle’s family and close friends at their rehearsal dinner the night before and made new friends! I met this sweet family and I already have plans to see them when I’m in Texas in November for a wedding! How cool is that?!VolantWedding-489

The guests headed back to cocktail hour outside on the patio while Lora and Kyle and the rest of the bridal party hid away for their own cocktail party before being introduced into the reception.


Snagged this one of John in the back room before the bridal party was introduced into the reception… I had to. haha!VolantWedding-556


After dinner, Lora and Kyle snuck outside for a few photos in front of the VMI parade ground… WORTH IT! There wasn’t a person in sight!VolantWedding-671VolantWedding-587I can’t get over how beautiful these photos are!VolantWedding-592Picture perfect!
VolantWedding-607VolantWedding-619VolantWedding-593VolantWedding-598VolantWedding-608VolantWedding-625VolantWedding-620VolantWedding-609VolantWedding-632VolantWedding-639Golden hour glow!

ahhhh. you guys are ahhhh-dorable!VolantWedding-662

We headed back inside for toasts, cake cutting, and parent dances. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place!VolantWedding-676VolantWedding-686VolantWedding-704VolantWedding-695VolantWedding-701VolantWedding-706VolantWedding-710VolantWedding-721VolantWedding-727After the parent dances – there was a special dance to Kyle’s parents who were celebrating their own wedding anniversary! So sweet!
VolantWedding-744VolantWedding-741VolantWedding-747VolantWedding-751VolantWedding-758VolantWedding-754VolantWedding-761VolantWedding-765Kyle’s little brother had some moves!VolantWedding-771VolantWedding-773Everyone got on their feet for the Wobble!
VolantWedding-829VolantWedding-807VolantWedding-779VolantWedding-793VolantWedding-811VolantWedding-790VolantWedding-870Sweet father/daughter moment!VolantWedding-867VolantWedding-875VMI friends!VolantWedding-876VolantWedding-893VolantWedding-895VolantWedding-903VolantWedding-901VolantWedding-888Moody Hall, lookin’ good!VolantWedding-882VolantWedding-920VolantWedding-915

Thank you Lora and Kyle for a wonderful wedding weekend! We had so much fun with you!

I couldn’t have done the day without my fantastic second shooter, Clara Ann Photography!

Thank you to the rest of the amazing vendors who made Lora & Kyle’s wedding day so fantastic!

Dress: Urban Set Bride

Alterations: Claudia Villegas, Seams Alterations

Bridesmaids dresses: J. Crew 

Tuxes: Urban Set Groom

Rings: Kay Jewelers

Catering: VMI Catering

DJ: Kevin Scott

Invitations: Costco

Cake: Kitty Falls, Lexington, VA

Flowers: University Florist

Hair: Caitlin Heizer, Lexington, VA

Makeup: Tracey Lackey, Intimate U 

xoxo bd



  1. Clara says:

    This wedding was GORGEOUS! I’m so glad they decided to do a first look =] Definitely one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever worked! The closeness between the entire bridal party was perfect too. Made the day even better. Lora & Kyle your romantic Lexington wedding was gorgeous! Thanks for letting me tag along Brett!!!

  2. Taylor says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Clara’s comments! Brett, you and Clara both were a huge part of making this day so wonderful – you kept it light, fun, and flowing! Your professionalism and passion for what you do and others translates through your photos. As a friend, it was even more of a treat to share this day, my family and friends with you. I feel like you are now officially part of the family too! Until next time, much love and hugs, Taylor R.

  3. Lundi says:

    Awwww. Their first look photos made me cry! I love that they had that time together…for time to stand still just a but on their crazy day of activity. And now they have the photos to remind them of those moments. Sweetness

  4. This looks like such a beautiful wedding!! You captured it beautifully 🙂

  5. Tanya says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! I’m sure they will treasure these!!

  6. Katie says:

    What a gorgeous wedding! Beautiful images, stunning details…all around amazing. Well done!

  7. Keith Roberts says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photos
    You did a wonderful job capturing all the important moments. From a a family friend of almost thirty years THANK YOU AGAIN
    Wonderful Creative Beautiful etc etc

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