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December 22, 2016

phoenix arizona desert elopementSTEPHANIE & RAY | DESERT ELOPEMENT | PHOENIX, ARIZONA

Okay, to be honest, this was one of the coolest things to happen this year in my business! I had announced on Facebook that I was going to be in Phoenix for the ShowIt United photography conference and that if anyone wanted to meet up with me for pictures I would have a tiny bit of extra time! GUESS WHAT! Stephanie emailed me RIGHT away and told me she wanted me to photograph her wedding. You’re thinking — okay big deal. WELL, Stephanie lives in Florida!¬†She saw my post and IMMEDIATELY jumped at the opportunity!

You see, Stephanie and I used to work at the same mortgage company together and she had been a big fan of me and my work. When I announced (at my old job) that I was going full-time in photography she told me that “someday” she could hopefully have me take her picture. Long story short, She and Ray were planning a trip to Mexico and decided they had to make a pit stop in Phoenix so I could photograph their elopement first! HOW COOL?!! When I asked her what she thought about pictures in the desert to really capture their desert elopement – she said “whatever you think!” (music to my ears!)

I had THE BEST time with them! We actually started taking pictures around the gorgeous landscape of the hotel we were staying at, Marriott at the Buttes (the hotel where the conference was!) Then we drove over to the Desert Botanical Garden. We took photos for a few hours then headed over to the court to make it official!!! The next day, Ray and Steph dressed up again to take photos in front of the old Phoenix City Hall — you’ll see why!! Stephanie fell in love with the architecture (and so did I!) we took a few photos there, they jumped over the broom, then they dropped me off at the airport!

Thank you Stephanie and Ray for such a neat experience!!!

phoenix arizona desert elopementbutlerwedding-13butlerwedding-19Check out all that cacti in the background!! Too cool!phoenix arizona desert elopementbutlerwedding-25Shoutout to my photographer friend & conference roomie who assisted me on the shoot with Steph and Ray!phoenix arizona desert elopementphoenix arizona desert elopementphoenix arizona desert elopementbutlerwedding-44butlerwedding-50It was actually really hard to get this ring to balance and NOT stab myself!butlerwedding-39How cool are those lime green Chihuly “cacti” in the background?butlerwedding-65butlerwedding-69butlerwedding-62butlerwedding-78butlerwedding-81butlerwedding-90butlerwedding-93butlerwedding-111Shoe game strong! Check out those blue beauties!!!butlerwedding-113butlerwedding-101butlerwedding-110butlerwedding-114butlerwedding-131“So how do you feel about walking in the dirt over to that cactus…”butlerwedding-137MY FAVE! I don’t always shoot in direct sunlight… but when I do… I’m in a DESERT OMG. (sorry, I love this shot!)butlerwedding-149Made things totes offish!butlerwedding-163The NEW Mr & Mrs Butler!butlerwedding-172Here we go the next day at the Phoenix City Hall!! I’m so glad they decided to get dressed up again!butlerwedding-192butlerwedding-196butlerwedding-214butlerwedding-238omggg it’s so pretty!butlerwedding-240butlerwedding-247butlerwedding-248butlerwedding-256butlerwedding-257

CONGRATULATIONS, Stephanie & Ray!!!

xoxo bd

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