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March 10, 2017


Are you wondering what makes me STOKED on wedding day? You were? YAY – perfect post for you to read! I know wedding days are not about me at all… I GET THAT. But… there are 5 things that (if they happen to happen) I’ll be super jazzed. (I can’t believe I just said “super jazzed”.  Aside from getting to have my dream job of photographing weddings… there are a few things unrelated to the actual taking photos part that make me super happy on wedding day! From good coordination to eating… here are 5 things that I get happy about.

  1. A good timeline. One of my favorite things to work with my couples on is the timeline. Even if my couples have a coordinator to help put together a timeline… this is the foundation for the wedding day that I like to help with! I’ve done this wedding thing a couple of times more than you… I know what a day looks like and what the “trouble” spots can be as far as staying on time! I know where buffer time needs to be added and how long it’s going to take for certain things to happen. Let me help YOU which ends up helping ME and US to have a happy wedding day!lincoln memorial DC city club wedding
  2. Wedding coordinators who rock! I know I just said that I like putting together the timeline… but wedding planners do more than just help with the timeline. They make sure the day runs smoothly on that timeline! They can help get everyone into the right spot at the right time. They are ESSENTIAL to any wedding day in my opinion! They’re the point person for all the questions and planning that the bride shouldn’t have to be worrying about ON the wedding day! Shoutout to all the wedding planners I have worked with that make the day flow easily! Wedding planners rock when helping get family formals going on time or letting me know I have 10 minutes to wrap up until the next event… without them… days can be super crazy for the bride and groom because the questions never end!navy silver washington dc wedding
  3. A warm meal at dinner. After standing on my feet for hours I SO look forward to a warm meal at dinner! YAY FOOD! Simply put, who doesn’t totally devour food after a long day of work! Good food = FUEL for the rest of the wedding night! Once I’m fueled I’m ready to tackle the rest of the night! (I know this is a picture of salads… which is not a warm meal… but by the time I get food… I don’t have time to take a picture of it… it’s already in my belly! hahahaha)washington-golf-club-dc-wedding-123_web
  4. Getting a slice of wedding cake. If I’m lucky to snag some wedding cake… I will. Who doesn’t like wedding cake?! Sometimes the cake gets passed out to the tables and the rest of the cake stays in the kitchen… but if catering leaves some extra plates of cake out by the coffee & tea station… you bet I’m getting myself some! ha!Have you ever seen a moment SO SWEET?! Truly the sweetest emotion as the chapel doors opened and Andrew saw his bride for the first time!
  5. Hearing sweet tunes on the dance floor. I would say that 9 times out of 10 a guest comes over to me and laughs at how I’m singing along to all the words of whatever song it is while I’m shooting… just because I’m working… doesn’t mean I’m not having a good time! I love getting to sing along and shake it to the music while I’m working! If Backstreet Boys or Taylor Swift comes on… there’s a good sign I’m singing alllll the words! I’m also a big fan of “This is how we do it” by Montell Jordan… always a crowd pleaser! haha!washington-golf-club-dc-wedding-200_web

I can’t wait to see you on YOUR big day! Just wait for me to tear it up on the dance floor with ya… because I will.

xoxo bd

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