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April 3, 2017


Life TIP #5

I haven’t quite thought of what I’m going to call this little segment… but I’m thinking of Weekender Recap or something like that. Any clue what I’m going to talk about? It’s been brought to my own attention that there are sometimes little tidbits or things I want to share with you guys and I don’t know when where why to share them… so, to spare you my extended thought process on the matter… I’ve come up with following in the footsteps of some of my favorite photographers and giving a little recap of the weekend – the thoughts, ideas, and random recaps of the weekend. Maybe you’ll learn something new. I’ll try to keep these things short because we all know how I can get carried away with my words…

Anyways… let’s begin. The Weekender Recap – starts NOW. (I feel like Carson Daly announcing the next battle round on The Voice.)

  1. When you’re making the perfectly golden brown marshmallow and you comment to your friends that you’re making the most perfect marshmallow and in that split second it catches on fire… #notcool.
  2. I tried Top Golf for the first time this weekend. It’s first come, first serve and… on a busy Saturday night be prepared to wait 3 hours for an open spot. I had loads of fun with a bunch of my friends celebrating my belated birthday. I was shocked at how some of the girls who had never swung a club in their lives were totally killing it and I (who actually took golf in college) was having the hardest time ever. It was #entertaining to say the least! I’m definitely going to give it another shot sometime… pre-beers.
  3. Sometimes all you need is some eggs benedict, grits, and a biscuit with jam to bring you back to life after a late night. Cheers to BRUNCH with my friends, Corrin and Mary, and the egg-cellent choice of brunch location which we will definitely be hitting up again in the near future.
  4. It’s okay to “waste” a day watching a marathon of Law and Order: SVU. (I can… and I DO… recite the intro every single time… “In the criminal justice system… you know, you know.)
  5. This past week (not just weekend) has been so wonderful because, yes, I turned 28, but it’s nice to have all of “your people” reach out to you with nice words and birthday phone calls. It’s nice to feel the love a little bit extra. Super thankful for my family and friends, old and new. 28 is great so far! Thank you to all the people who I’m lucky to have in my life!!! I love you guys!

So how should I end this Weekender Recap… um… a profound quote? um. oooh, how about a song of the week? I’m obsessed with music and am always on the “hunt” for new songs. Thank you Spotify for the Discover Weekly playlist and friends who recommend songs for me to listen to… okay so last week – I couldn’t get enough of…

Down by Marian Hill

Lights Down Low by MAX

Cross my Mind by A R I Z O N A

Happy Monday! Write your to-do lists and tackle it! You can DO IT! I’m working on a big list this week! Lots of exciting (yet time consuming) things to finish up! Lets keep each other motivated! *Reach out to 3 friends this week and offer some support and motivation! **BONUS if you mail out 3 cards to friends/family too!

Tomorrow on the blog: Liz & Meg’s DC Roomie portrait session!

xoxo bd


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