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August 22, 2017



Historic Rosemont Manor was a beautiful spot for Jessica and Matt’s July wedding! Sunshine and blue skies all day for their big day! When I arrived I could envision portraits in so many places on the property. I started with Jessica’s bridal details then we set up both first looks! Yes, both! One with her Dad and one with Matt outside on the porch! When Jessica stepped out on the porch for the first look with Matt, all of their friends watched from the windows facing the porch and you could hear them getting excited for the big reveal! I also love seeing the reactions from the grooms and hearing the first words they say like “oh my gosh, you’re so pretty” to almost a silence because they’re just so happy and shocked at all of the bridal beauty – Matt was a mix of both and it was so sweet! With having done the first look, we took bridal party portraits and then had loads of time to walk around the property to a few different locations for pictures!

During the ceremony, Matt’s brother played guitar and sang, Jessica and Matt braided together 3 cords, said their vows, and then shared their first kiss as husband and wife! Afterwards they were able to enjoy their cocktail hour as I took details within their reception space. Towards the end of cocktail hour, Jessica and Matt walked up on the balcony and gave a sweet welcome and thank you speech to their guests. They each shared how happy they felt that everyone came from near and far and they announced the start of the reception.

One of my favorite parts about the reception, as I’ve said MANY times, are the speeches. I like hearing funny stories and hearing sweet words about their character. Jessica and Matt’s reception was one huge dance party – I also don’t think I ever saw Jessica without the BIGGEST smile on her face!

rosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-25_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-23_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-28_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-31_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-33_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-36_WEBrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-44_WEBrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-49_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-51_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-53_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-54_WEBrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-61_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-63_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-68_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-64_WEBrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-59_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-67_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-73_WEBrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-77_WEBrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor wedding

rosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-90_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-91_WEB

rosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-100_WEBrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-110_WEBrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingrosemont manor weddingRosemont-Manor-Wedding-117_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-120_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-121_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-126_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-128_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-129_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-131_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-133_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-134_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-135_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-136_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-139_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-140_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-142_WEBHey girl hey! #married!Rosemont-Manor-Wedding-143_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-116_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-147_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-154_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-152_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-148_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-156_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-157_WEBKir caught some cute photos of the newlyweds after they made their welcome on the balcony!
Rosemont-Manor-Wedding-160_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-163_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-169_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-170_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-172_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-173_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-174_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-175_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-187_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-188_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-189_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-191_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-192_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-194_WEBSnuck away for some golden hour shots and caught the sun just in time!Rosemont-Manor-Wedding-185_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-177_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-183_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-186_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-180_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-196_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-197_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-199_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-198_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-201_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-202_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-203_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-205_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-210_WEB

When a rose comes loose – did two people catch the bouquet?! hahaRosemont-Manor-Wedding-213_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-214_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-215_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-217_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-218_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-219_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-220_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-221_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-222_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-224_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-225_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-227_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-228_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-231_WEBRosemont-Manor-Wedding-232_WEB

A big thanks to all of Jessica and Matt’s wedding vendors and my second photog, Kir Tuben!

Venue: Historic Rosemont Manor

Wedding Coordinator: Michael Haymaker with Historic Rosemont Manor

Caterer: Celebrations Hospitality 

Baker: Natalia’s Elegant Creations

Florist: Scentsational Florals

Officiant: Pastor Paul Goodnight from Reston Bible Church

Dress: Designer Eugenia Couture at Soliloquy Bridal 

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Reception Music: DJ Jeff Sears from Shew-sical Entertainment Services 

Ceremony Music: Kevin Libuit, best man

Hair: Elegant Hair by Cori Campbell with make-up by Anna Marie

Favors: Popcorn Monkey

Videographer: King of Kings Productions, LLC 

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