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January 5, 2018


Where my goal setting friends atttttt? (Sorry for that horrible grammar… grandma.) Anyways, like most “new year, new me” people, I’m right there with you. However, this year, instead of calling it “resolutions”… I’m saying intentions. I read something on instagram that stuck with me… Intentions allow you to grow on the journey and feel less like a failure if you don’t “achieve the goal or resolution.” Whether you use the word, goal, resolution, or intention… I hope you’re setting something for yourself to work towards in different areas of your life. I’ve learned a lot about goal setting the last few years and I can really believe that putting out those good vibes in mind and on paper lead you down a path of progress rather than shooting for something you can’t even see or don’t know you want. So emotional. Let’s move forward.

This year, I set goals/intentions in a few different areas – personal/wellness, business, travel, relationships, family, and financial. Sounds like a lot, eh? Well… it keeps me organized and my brain focused on all of the important areas of my life. I figured to keep myself accountable, I’d share with you a few goals in hopes that maybe these intentions will inspire you to set your own as well. Remember that when setting goals/intentions, there can be more than just ONE step to get there. Allow yourself to make one step at a time and not get frustrated. (trust me – I STILL have to remind myself of that.)virginia wedding photographer

Business Intentions

Book an international wedding! (I know someone reading this knows someone!! Putting the vibes out there!)

Blog at least 2 times per week. (I have ideas, but tell me what you want to read!)

Organize client email system & create timeline for email touch points.

Book 5 anniversary sessions with past couples.

Offer mentorship sessions to photographers!

Create a “self-growth” day per month to read/educate/learn/grow from reading materials or accountability partner!

Personal Intentions

Read 2 books per month. 1 fun book and 1 business related book.

Keep a journal throughout 2018. Write before bed, either daily thoughts or writing prompt (this always helps me relax!)

Try 2 new recipes per month

Workout at least 3x per week.

Declutter once per month. (starting on my sock drawer! outta control!)

Leave phone on Do Not Disturb or tucked away when with friends or family.


Financial/Money Intentions

Cancel 3 subscriptions

Check in with investments once a month & evaluate

Put more into savings

Limit the amount of dinners/drinks out per month.


Family/Relationship Intensions

Call my sisters once per week for a catch up!

Mail 3 personal notes to friends/family per week.

Share more experiences i.e. hiking, cooking, museum visit.

Set up 2 in person coffee dates per month/2 phone calls to distant friends per month.


Travel Dreams!

Plan a trip to a place on my United States Bucket List!

Ski Trip this winter (we in winter… so I better get going!)

Visit sisters in NYC & Fort Lauderdale.

Write travel blog posts & get one featured on a travel blog.

Visit an international destination.

As always…

I hope you are feeling confident about the great year ahead and intend to always push yourself to grow! At the same time of having this list of intentions, some goals will never change. I intend to keep being myself through all areas of my life. It’s always a goal of mine to be true to myself, treat my clients as friends not as numbers, and continue to grow in my business through education and practice. I always intend to be a good friend, the kind that you want to have (even if I do ask a million questions… all the time) and surround myself with friends who push me, support me, and love me for who I am. I did a lot of thinking at the end of 2017 – looking at my life and where it’s going, who I’m surrounded by, and all the things I was thankful for in 2017. (If you didn’t read my holiday newsletter – you still can!)

Share with me your hopes and dreams below! What are you hoping to accomplish in 2018?

  1. Clara says:

    Love the idea of using the word intentions! I think all of these are awesome and very do-able. I feel like I need to get back to writing things down. I was boycotting writing down goals this year, but you’ve inspired me to do it!

  2. Phil D. says:

    This is awesome that you have put it out there! Now you need to make sure you visit the goals daily, weekly, monthly to stay on track! It will be a GREAT year.

  3. Bethanne says:

    Love, love, love this post, Brett!

    Let’s plan that ski trip already, girlfriend!!!!

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