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January 30, 2018



Throwback to this December Roanoke wedding! I had such a great time second shooting with Corrin Jasinski Photography in Roanoke for Amy and Zach’s wintry wedding! You’d never believe that earlier that morning it had been snowing like CRAZY! Amy and Zach were so relaxed all day and never let the winter weather stress them out. By the time we were set for the first look, the snow had stopped and already started melting. Amy wow-ed her groom with her gorgeous beaded gown!¬†We shot around the Hotel Roanoke for a little bit then invited the bridal party to meet us outside. It was freezing cold but the photos were totally worth it!

Amy and Zach tied the knot at the Corinthian Ballroom downtown in a low-lit ceremony that was short and sweet! The party started shortly after with lots of dancing, food stations, and delicious cupcakes! Huge thanks to Corrin Jasinski Photography for asking me to come along! I went to college in Roanoke at Hollins University but have never photographed a wedding down here before! Here are a few of my favorites from Amy and Zach’s Roanoke wedding!

hotel-roanoke-wedding-1 hotel-roanoke-wedding-20 hotel-roanoke-wedding-23 hotel-roanoke-wedding-21 hotel-roanoke-wedding-5 hotel-roanoke-wedding-8 hotel-roanoke-wedding-11 hotel-roanoke-wedding-13 hotel-roanoke-wedding-16hotel-roanoke-wedding-26 hotel-roanoke-wedding-25 hotel-roanoke-wedding-28 hotel-roanoke-wedding-29 hotel-roanoke-wedding-31 hotel-roanoke-wedding-32 hotel-roanoke-wedding-36 hotel-roanoke-wedding-37 hotel-roanoke-wedding-39 hotel-roanoke-wedding-42 hotel-roanoke-wedding-44

hotel-roanoke-wedding-48 hotel-roanoke-wedding-49 hotel-roanoke-wedding-52 hotel-roanoke-wedding-46 hotel-roanoke-wedding-53 hotel-roanoke-wedding-56 hotel-roanoke-wedding-59 hotel-roanoke-wedding-63 hotel-roanoke-wedding-60 hotel-roanoke-wedding-66Love this shot!hotel-roanoke-wedding-71 hotel-roanoke-wedding-79 hotel-roanoke-wedding-73 hotel-roanoke-wedding-68 hotel-roanoke-wedding-74 hotel-roanoke-wedding-80 hotel-roanoke-wedding-82

hotel-roanoke-wedding-104 hotel-roanoke-wedding-99 hotel-roanoke-wedding-97 hotel-roanoke-wedding-93 hotel-roanoke-wedding-85 hotel-roanoke-wedding-87 hotel-roanoke-wedding-95 hotel-roanoke-wedding-106 hotel-roanoke-wedding-109 Somebody wasn’t too happy…hotel-roanoke-wedding-113hotel-roanoke-wedding-116 hotel-roanoke-wedding-119 hotel-roanoke-wedding-122 hotel-roanoke-wedding-124 hotel-roanoke-wedding-123 hotel-roanoke-wedding-127 hotel-roanoke-wedding-129 hotel-roanoke-wedding-131hotel-roanoke-wedding-137 hotel-roanoke-wedding-142 hotel-roanoke-wedding-132 hotel-roanoke-wedding-133 hotel-roanoke-wedding-144 hotel-roanoke-wedding-147 hotel-roanoke-wedding-151 hotel-roanoke-wedding-152 hotel-roanoke-wedding-156 hotel-roanoke-wedding-154 hotel-roanoke-wedding-158 hotel-roanoke-wedding-162 hotel-roanoke-wedding-148

hotel-roanoke-wedding-155That’s a wrap! Thank you Corrin for letting me second shoot with you for this fun Roanoke wedding!xoxo-bd.jpg

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