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February 15, 2018


Here’s a post to you wedding planning gals out there who are researching, reading, asking friends, and Pinterest what to do. Here’s the thing. You’re gonna get a million and one different answers and suggestions on how to do something. For one thing, in the world of the internet, you’re seeing answers from people with all kinds of budgets. We all know that most people have a wedding budget. But your budget versus your friends budget versus Sally’s budget in Minnesota from Pinterest … are all different. But also know that it’s totally okay to splurge on your top dream vendor!

Keep the following in mind when planning your wedding budget!

  1. Choose your top 3. Determine your MUST HAVE vendors! Start with your “can’t live without” vendors first. What are your most important items? MUST HAVE venue? dress? photographer? food? Sit down and hash that out first. You deserve to have your top picks!George washington hotel winchester photographer
  2. Determine your guest list. This is HUGE because a lot depends on this number! For example, picking your venue! You will need to find a venue that can fit your guest list! As my sister started her venue hunting last year, we quickly realized there weren’t a TON of venues that could fit her guest list amount! That narrowed it down right off the bat! You won’t have your final tally on day one, but if you’re planning a 200+ guest list, don’t look at venues that can only fit 125.john marshall ballrooms richmond wedding
  3. RSVPs. Collect your RSVPs through an online wedding website vs reply card. This might be a way to cut down on some costs for you! Send the invite but add a link where your guests can reply!
  4. Print Half. Not every guest needs their own program! Some guests share and some forget to pick one up. Get half the programs OR write out the ceremony program on a chalkboard sign.
  5. Repurpose florals. One way to save is to use bridesmaids bouquets in your reception decor as centerpieces, florals on the cake table, or in vases at the bar.
  6. Dessert. Consider a smaller cake with other desserts vs a huge tiered cake!
  7. Favors. Skip paying for extra favors and have your guests take home treats! I’ve seen brides send their guests home with slices of cake or bags of cookies from the dessert table! Everyone loves a late night treat!
  8. Unconventional date. You might save on your venue if you choose a date on a Friday or Sunday OR at an earlier time like a morning wedding! It’s definitely worth asking – if you’re open to it!
  9. Alcohol. We all know open bars are expensive af sometimes. A way to cut some costs are sticking to beer and wine OR only offering liquor for cocktail hour OR in a signature drink. Ask your caterer about the options! 
  10. Save money for… Budget out some “emergency” money for last minute thing that might pop up like tip money or a last minute add-on.

I know everyone has a different budget, but I think the saddest thing to hear is when someone tells me a story about how they didn’t get the vendor they wanted because they thought… “I shouldn’t spend $X, I should save.” Sure… you may not be able to afford EVERY dream vendor but in your heart of hearts, you know what you most desperately want. At the end of the day, you can find any vendor at any price… but remember that your day only happens once… don’t wake up with regrets down the road!

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