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March 27, 2015

Twenty-Six Candles

It’s my birthday!

I’ve always liked birthdays! They are exciting! Another year, confetti, balloons, and lots and lots of laughing and smiling! I’m not saying that I expect the whole day to be dedicated to singing happy birthday to me or for people to shower me with gifts or anything like that… I just like the feeling of waking up and being excited! Sure it’s a little different now turning a year older getting closer to 30 (ah!) but it’s still exciting nonetheless. This is a funny post of old birthday photos and my super cool fashion sense through the years. Can’t wait to see what 26 brings!

 Wow… 26 years ago!


 I starting looking through old photos the other day… I saw some of my favorites and some I had never seen before! Then I collected some birthday photos through the years…

 My 1st birthday and a super cool watermelon cake!


Two years old!2yrmom_WEB

I loved that dress!

Workin’ that neon!4yr_WEB

That hydrangea dress was my faveeee

Face paint and cupcakes for the win!5yrraunbiw_WEB7yr_WEB

Another year, I had a Titanic themed party. Everyone had to dress up— even my dad!


I used to want to be a chef when I grew up, so for my 12th birthday I had a cooking themed party. For the party we all made lasagna and garlic bread. We had aprons with our names embroidered AND we wore super cool chef hats. That was the year I got my ears pierced and got my very own stereo (how old school – stereo… HAHA no iPod!) and I was PUMPED (look at my face!).stereo_WEB

Skipping a bunch of years… I celebrated my 21st birthday in London!


When I was 22 I had a glow in the dark dance party and it was SO fun! My friends painted The Rock to celebrate! (The Rock is a fun tradition at Hollins University! Only the seniors can paint it and you have to do it midnight!)


 And I’m leaving you with this gem from 20 years ago— what is that pose!?! I’m laughing so hard right now!
awk_WEBXOXO, Brett

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