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April 1, 2015



Last Saturday I visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond with one of my first friends in college, Kyra! Kyra is one of those people that you can laugh endlessly with and also enjoys art! Kyra and I were actually in the same Drawing 101 class our freshman year of college! (She draws way better than I do … I’ll stick to photography!)


We got tickets for the “Van Gogh, Manet, and Matisse: The Art of the Flower” exhibit and it was amazing! Unfortunately no photography was allowed so I can’t share anything with you… you’ll just have to go yourself! The exhibit is open until Jun 21st! All I could sneak were these three cellphone photos. There was a really cool square room with a gorgeous flower arrangement that people could draw! The two panels on the wall in the first photo were stuffed with drawings! It was really neat to see the flower arrangement from different interpretations. Kyra and I got to the exhibit near closing so we didn’t have time to draw anything… bummer!


After wandering finishing the exhibit, we wandered outside to look at the beautiful Chihuly sculptures. I honestly can’t believe they can survive being outdoors!


20150328-3M5A8283_WEBI thought these rocks were pretty!20150328-3M5A8295_WEBPretty cool propeller statue!20150328-3M5A8292_WEB

It was FREEZING outside but the light was nice sooooo naturally I made Kyra model for me! Can’t escape an opportunity for some “just for fun” portraits!

20150328-3M5A8312_WEB My pretty friend, Kyra! 20150328-3M5A8322_WEB

okay, fashionista!20150328-3M5A8348_WEB20150328-3M5A8320_WEBThe wind was a little out of control! But it made for some interesting shots!20150328-3M5A8343_WEB20150328-3M5A8346_WEB20150328-3M5A8344_WEBI love this outfit!20150328-3M5A8339_WEB20150328-3M5A8315_WEB

Thanks for spending the afternoon at the VMFA with me and letting me use you as my spontaneous model, K.O.!20150328-3M5A8298_WEB20150328-3M5A8345_WEBXOXO!