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May 12, 2015


Meriwether-Wedding 165_WEBIf you’re not in the photography world, you see the term “second shooter” and you’re like wait, what? What is that!? First of all, the term “shooter” always sounds weird to me. So, instead, a second shooter is a “second photographer” which is… just that… a second photographer who works alongside the main photographer to capture an event. That being said, a second photographer isn’t just an assistant to carry the main photographers gear like a golf caddy all day… they are there to help photograph the important event!! In case you’re still not convinced…

Here are 3 Reasons why having a second shooter at your wedding ROCKS


1. Documenting the day with two viewpoints is better than one! Together, we are able to capture more moments and give more variety. You’ve worked so hard and planned an incredible day that I don’t want anything to be missed! It’s impossible for me to be in more than one spot so having another set of eyes helps! I’ve worked as a second shooter before and I have come to understand how nice and HELPFUL it is to have two people capturing the day. One can be taking portraits and the other can be taking reception details. They also come in handy as a backup if I miss something!gray and yellow natural inspired woodend maryland photographer brett denfeld photography

2. Who do you chose? I choose my second shooter carefully. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so many talented photographers who love to work with one another! How cool, right? I choose someone whose style is similar to my own, someone I trust, and someone who I know will treat my clients with care!  I’m not just picking a random person off the street with an iPhone and zero experience… you’re in good hands!DesmondWedding-291_WEB3. What does your second shooter shoot? On the wedding day, I start with the bride in the bridal suite and my second shooter starts with the groom. During the rest of the wedding, we work together to get different angles… almost mirror each other at times so we’re getting the opposite of what the other is shooting! We don’t just stand in the same spot and get the SAME THING. We work together for to achieve more variety in the same situation. Sometimes my second might see something that I don’t and vice versa! It’s great to have another perspective and set of eyes on the wedding so we can fully capture the whole wedding story!yellow and gray country inspired louisa virginia wedding prospect hill plantation inn brett denfeld photography

bride and groom wedding prep brett denfeld photography

coral and white falls church virginia spring wedding brett denfeld photographyBONUS:

I love having a second shooter during the first look because while I’m capturing the groom’s face smiling from ear to ear at his bride, my second can capture her excitement! It’s the best of both worlds since I can’t be in two places at once! 
winter black and gold fauquier springs country club warrenton virginia wedding brett denfeld photography

I hope this has clarified why second shooters are da bomb!

xoxo, Brett


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