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May 28, 2015



I’ve known Kellie since 2007 when we met in our freshman year dorm. We became friends immediately and could never stop laughing and making inside jokes! We were roommates when we studied abroad in London, we’ve traveled around the world together and after four years, since graduation, we reunited in beautiful downtown Chicago for a last minute engagement session before her wedding! Kellie and Brian met in Washington (state) and from the very beginning Kellie told me she KNEW he was the one. I had never met Brian but I had heard SO much about him… how he made her feel “complete”. As soon as I met him, we started laughing and chatting as if we had been friends for years! It was so FUN getting to hangout with these two for the day!!! From the moment Kellie gushed on the phone about how Brian was “DEFINITELY the one” after just a few dates, I felt SO happy for her! She’s one of the sweetest girls I know. Her heart is so big and I’m SO happy that Brian is the man that makes her the happiest girl in the world!destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photography

I could have shot in this beautiful spot ALL day!destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photography


They held hands, giggled, and couldn’t stop sneaking kisses! Perfect for engagement photos!


Look how cute they are!!!destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photography

It’s was so fun to “shoot” a friend because I could feel her happiness!

So… I pretty much fell in love with the side wall of the Art Institute of Chicago… (see where it says “Art” on the wall!)destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photography

destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyI loveeee how sweet this is.destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photography

destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThere’s this crazy cool outdoor amphitheater downtown! I loved the architecture and design!
destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThen we hopped over to the bean! (or Cloud Gate if you want to be technical)destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyLOVE!destination_downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photography
There’s pretty much no avoiding reflection… say hello to me in the top left! ha!


Kellie and Brian married on May 24th in a quaint little chapel in Northbrook, IL followed by a fantastic reception on a boat downtown! I wasn’t the photographer for the wedding, but I was a bridesmaid!! It was definitely weird to be on the other side of the lens for a wedding but it was a fun weekend reuniting with college friends and two families who came together to celebrate the new marriage!

Their photographer let me snag a few of them!destination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyLucky for us it stopped raining so we could take photos on top of the boat! What a view!!!destination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photography


The bridesmaids! Kellie’s only rule for bridesmaid dresses was that they needed to be cobalt blue! It was so fun to see what everyone chose!


CONGRATULATIONS KELLIE & BRIAN! I hope your honeymoon to Mexico was perfectttttt and good luck on your move to Georgia in the fall!!downtown_chicago_engagement_Brett_Denfeld_Photography

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