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September 10, 2015



Continuing on the London journey… I spent my Saturday in the city wandering around Notting Hill and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I dragged my host brother, Sam, around with me to walk around and explore. We walked around Portobello Market but it’s always ridiculously crowded so I picked a side street and started wandering. Pretty colored buildings, brightly painted doors, and flower pots bursting with blooms… we kept walking towards Chelsea into neighborhoods with beautiful homes and front trees shaped like squares and front gardens with gorgeous gates. My host mom mentioned Sam’s growing interest in video so I wanted to take him around and see what caught his eye. It was actually cool explaining to him what I was seeing through my lens and why I would stop and take a photo. I wanted to explain why I was framing something or what was sticking out to me. I had never really explained that to anyone in real time before! 20150718-3M5A5481_WEB

20150718-3M5A5484_WEBInteresting architecture around every corner! ( I like those green garage doors in the back!)20150718-3M5A5520_WEBThis tree made me laugh! It was SO TALL and bright and reminded me of some kind of Dr. Seuss tree.20150718-3M5A5563_WEB20150718-3M5A5569_WEB20150718-3M5A5557_WEBGorgeous pink flowers against a blueish purple door!20150718-3M5A5527_WEB20150718-3M5A5550_WEB20150718-3M5A5572_WEBTHE CAR IS AS WIDE AS THE HOUSE!!! I can’t stop laughing!!!20150718-3M5A5536_WEB20150718-3M5A5525_WEBI looked down an ally and saw this cute little driveway leading to garage doors. Little gems around every corner…20150718-3M5A5578_WEB20150718-3M5A5581_WEBBAM! That’s a PINK DOOR! 🙂20150718-3M5A5496_WEB20150718-3M5A5595_WEB20150718-3M5A5602_WEBAre we at the beach??20150718-3M5A5534_WEBI feel like they planned this…20150718-3M5A5616_WEB20150718-3M5A5632_WEBMost colorful street in the world? Can you believe this was only about 2 blocks away from Portobello Market? 20150718-3M5A5611_WEBSam and I continued walking into Chelsea and the houses went from colorful to more classic.

20150718-3M5A5654_WEBIn love with these hedges… I don’t think it’s normal to like hedges this much…20150718-3M5A5695_WEB20150718-3M5A5688_WEB20150718-3M5A5691_WEB20150718-3M5A5642_WEBI feel like this house is straight out of Harry Potter or something! I love the creeping vine crawling up to the roof!20150718-3M5A5678_WEB20150718-3M5A5671_WEB20150718-3M5A5585_WEB

It was a beautiful day and I could have wandered the streets for forever. Pretty doors, pretty colors around every corner. Classic. Colorful. Just SO London. If you’re going to London anytime soon — take me back with you 🙂

Come hungry next week for London pt. 3 BOROUGH MARKET & London food!

xoxo bd


  1. Kellie says:

    LOVE seeing all of your travel adventures! You catch such beautiful colors!

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