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September 11, 2015


Laguna_Beach-69_WEBIn August I traveled with my mom and dad to California for a business conference (it was spectacular and deserves its own post! coming soon!). Long story short, our connection flight from Dallas to L.A. was delayed for two hours so we started chatting with a couple in line. We told the couple what our plans were and they told us that we HAD TO drive to Laguna Beach for dinner and the sunset. “You HAVE TO” they kept saying… “seriously if that’s the only thing you do… DO THAT!”

*As you learned from my Paris blog – I LOVE taking suggestions for cool things to do!*

So what did we do? We drove an hour north to Laguna for dinner and the sunset! It did NOT disappoint!Laguna_beach_california_west_Coast_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyLaguna_beach_california_west_Coast_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyLaguna_Beach-4_WEBLaguna_beach_california_west_Coast_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyObviously couldn’t stop taking photos of palm trees…Laguna_beach_california_west_Coast_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyHere’s proof that I was actually there… theres me with my dad!Laguna_Beach-23_WEBAnd my mom 🙂Laguna_Beach-21_WEBLaguna_Beach-10_WEBLaguna_beach_california_west_Coast_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyLaguna_Beach-32_WEBLaguna_Beach-35_WEBLaguna_Beach-39_WEBLaguna_Beach-41_WEBGOLDEN HOUR 🙂 My fave!Laguna_Beach-43_WEBIs this Neverland or something? Laguna_Beach-45_WEBLaguna_Beach-57_WEBOne of my favorites! The coast looks like a fake backdrop!

Watching the sun sink into water was magical! The sky was an incredible watercolor painting! Laguna_Beach-64_WEBLaguna_Beach-67_WEBLaguna_Beach-68_WEBLaguna_Beach-59_WEBCan’t you just picture some mermaids on this rock???!!!!Laguna_Beach-70_WEBLaguna_Beach-49_WEBLaguna_Beach-54_WEBLaguna_Beach-53_WEBAs it got darker, the air turned pink and the sky changed to shades of purple and pink.Laguna_Beach-71_WEBLaguna_Beach-75_WEBLaguna_Beach-76_WEB

I’m SO glad we went to Laguna… I wish I could transport myself there for EVERY sunset! Cotton candy skies NEVER get old.

xoxo bd