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January 13, 2016


Life TIP #5It’s the new year and everyone’s all “New Year, New Me”. You know the drill. With that being said, lemme tell you about some simple “new year, new me” things that you can do to start your year off a little fresher.

  1. Empty your closet. You heard me… EMPTY it. Now invite your clothes back in. We ALL have those shirts that we always push around and never actually wear. That sweater from a couple of years ago that we’re sure will come back in style soon… no stop. I clean out my closet two or three times a year. I get rid of clothes that have stretched after too many washes or clothes I just NEVER wear. If it’s in the back and hasn’t been touched… it’s going in a bag and going to Goodwill. I just got rid of two FULL trash bags! It felt GOOD!
  2. Collect your coins. If you’re like me, you have coins in every spot possible. Your desk drawer, on top of your dresser, in a few different bags, and sometimes randomly under your bed (how did that get there…). Start a jar and have that be your designated spot and when it’s FULL, take it to the bank! Yippee!
  3. Say goodbye to old magazines. I know, I know… that People with Channing Tatum is hard to part with… but if you’re starting to build a library of old magazine and they’re all shoved under your bed… there is NO use for them. (Not talking about personal experience or anything… 🙂 ) The only other alternative is using them for GOOD – how about a nice inspiration board? I’m working on mine now. Cutting out words and pictures and making a life goals inspiration board. I’ll let you know when I finish!
  4. Tackle your Inbox. When’s the last time you did a deep cleaning on your Inbox. I try hard to be a delete as I go type person, but sometimes your Inbox is just full to the brim of junk mail! Take some time to sort your mail into folders and get rid of old emails that are just taking up space! I deleted over 4,000 junk emails last week… FOUR THOUSAND!
  5. Organize your bathroom drawers. Okay, this one might be for the ladies only… but let’s take a look at how many Clinique samples you have shoved in your bottom drawer. Lemme guess… 5 lotions, 5+ mini eyeshadows, a few lipsticks… you get the idea. Unless you’re REALLY using them… they’re sitting in the same spot that you put them in from 3 years ago. It’s OKAY. It’s OKAY to say goodbye because we all know Bonus time will come again soon. Take a good hard look at all the beauty products you’ve been collecting for years and kick them to the curb. They’re expired anyway.

It may be hard, you may be torn, but I PROMISE YOU… once you’ve emptied your spaces of the “junk”, you’ll feel BETTER!xoxo bd


  1. Megan Kelsey says:

    Omg, this is all so relevant. How is it that these areas attract clutter so easily?! The magazines especially!! I have issues of Glamour I haven’t opened in YEARS just collecting dust… why?!?! Hahaha. And the bathroom drawers…. the cabinet under the sink is what nightmares are made of.. I’m telling you….. GREAT advice in this post!!

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