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January 22, 2016

AngelaSam-11_WEBWhat a year – this is the post you’ve all been waiting for (or maybe I’m just really excited!)! The Best of 2015: Weddings!! It IS most definitely the longest post of the year but in my opinion, one of the prettiest! Thank you to all the fantastic brides and grooms who asked me to capture one of the most important days of their lives. I also had the opportunity to second shoot for some fabulous photographers through the wedding season! This post is jam packed with my favorite portraits, moments, and memories of the 2015 wedding season! :)


2015 started with Candice and Mike’s Valentine’s Day wedding at Fauquier Springs Country Club! Black and gold and the most beautiful bridesmaid’s dresses that everyone was in LOVE with! Remember how the lights went out and never came back on?? Their wedding definitely takes the prize for “craziest thing to happen”! I’m just glad that Candice and Mike didn’t let it ruin their day!
DesmondWedding-596_WEBHer smile couldn’t be any bigger! She was SOOOO excited for the first look!DesmondWedding-278_WEBDesmondWedding-291_WEBDesmondWedding-301_WEBDesmondWedding-367_WEBDesmondWedding-431_WEBDesmondWedding-411_WEB** This isn’t the prettiest photo but it is the REALEST moment! The moment the lights went out during their ceremony and didn’t come back o!! **
DesmondWedding-779_WEB DesmondWedding-931_WEBDesmondWedding-22_WEB


So this technically wasn’t a REAL wedding… it was a styled wedding shoot from the Katelyn James Workshop I went to in April! Of course I was in LOVE with the colors and theme!
KJstyledshoot-1_WEBHow COOL is this flower wall?????KJstyledshoot-8_WEBKJstyledshoot-4_WEBKJstyledshoot-9_WEBAmanda Veronee totally nailed it with these gorgeous flowers!KJstyledshoot-7_WEBkatelyn_james_workshop_experienceI was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding in Chicago but her photographer let me snap a few! I couldn’t help myself!!
destination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographydestination_downtown_chicago_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyIn early May, I had the pleasure of second shooting with Megan Chase Photography for Wes & Dawn’s big day!20150502-3M5A3010_WEB20150502-3M5A2706_WEBI liked Dawn’s square ring and the extra bling in the back of this shot!20150502-3M5A2737_WEB20150502-3M5A4142_WEBI totally dig the reflection/illusion in the windows.20150502-3M5A4020_WEB

Kara-Lee and Dan’s Woodend wedding was definitely the most colorful wedding of the year! teal-and-citrus-woodend-sanctuary-maryland-wedding-Brett Denfeld PhotographyI actually used the hotel floor for this shot! The wood was the perfect backdrop for the little details!Herdman-Wedding-33_WEBteal-and-citrus-woodend-sanctuary-maryland-wedding-Brett Denfeld Photographyteal-and-citrus-woodend-sanctuary-maryland-wedding-Brett Denfeld Photographyteal-and-citrus-woodend-sanctuary-maryland-wedding-Brett Denfeld Photographyteal-and-citrus-woodend-sanctuary-maryland-wedding-Brett Denfeld Photography


In June, I second shot with Alicia Lacey Photography at The Barn at Walnut Grove!
20150606-3M5A0121_WEBThis kid cracked me up because he got “mad” when I told him he probably shouldn’t throw beanbags at the hanging flowers because they were starting to get tangled and ruined.20150606-3M5A0202-2_WEB20150606-3M5A0429_WEB20150606-3M5A0225-2_WEB20150606-3M5A0284-2_WEBI loved shooting at The Black Horse Inn in Warrenton! How cool are these bridesmaids dresses?BaconWedding-7_WEBYay for dogs at weddings! Especially dogs that smile at the camera!BaconWedding-9_WEBBaconWedding-11_WEBDefinitely the craziest first dance! The groom did a Michael Jackson mashup and completely ROCKED it!BaconWedding-13_WEB

Can you see the keys flying out of their hands? The bride and groom locked their love lock on the bridge at Old House Vineyards!KathyRaul-1_WEBKathyRaul-2_WEBRight before an epic rain storm we managed to get in some bride and groom portraits!KathyRaul-4_WEB

Cassie and David’s navy and yellow Boar’s Head Inn wedding in Charlottesville was GORGEOUS! Cassie was beaming all day… you’ll see!
boars_head_wedding-20_WEBI loved this moment between Cassie and her parents!CassieDavid-8_WEBboars_head_wedding-174_WEBCharlottesville_boars_head_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographyboars_head_wedding-184_WEBCharlottesville_boars_head_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThe golden light POURED through that willow tree and I was in love!Charlottesville_boars_head_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyI don’t think you can do anything but smile at how happy these two were during the father/ daughter dance!boars_head_wedding-268_WEBYES! MARRIED!! Favorite exit shot of the year!Charlottesville_boars_head_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photography


September brought on a triple! I second shot three weddings in a row – Friday through Sunday!!

First up was Lauren and Tony at the stunning Veritas Winery with Alicia Lacey Photography! laurentony-2laurentony-9laurentony-12laurentony-40laurentony-39laurentony-19The golden light pouring over the vines during their ceremony – breathtaking!laurentony-35laurentony-29Lauren and Tony’s adorable newborn daughter, Luna, joined in for some photos!laurentony-28LOVE this! She twirled and twirled and when I showed her this photo she said, “wow! I look like a princess!”
laurentony-45laurentony-31Magical wedding glow…laurentony-46**More of a funny moment! The bridesmaids that took a selfie with the DJ… look him looking at me for help! HA!”selfie-1_WEB

The next day I shot in Charlottesville and Veritas Winery again with Stephanie Michelle Photography for Caley and Brandon’s big day!CaleyBrandon-1_WEBLook at that lace detail!CaleyBrandon-2_WEBIn LOVE with these gorgeous blooms!CaleyBrandon-3_WEBCaleyBrandon-2_WEBSo happy!CaleyBrandon-3_WEBIt was neat shooting at the same venue back to back to see the transformation of the space from one wedding to the next. I loved Caley and Brandon’s tablescape! The raw wood, the leaves, the gold – GORGEOUS!CaleyBrandon-4_WEBCaleyBrandon-7_WEBcaleybrandon-8_WEBCaleyBrandon-9_WEB

The last wedding of the triple threat wedding weekend was at The Old Town Hall in Fairfax with Clara Ann Photography!

rachelryan-5_WEBThe bride and groom love to read so I used this cool swirly book for a backdrop for these rings!rachelryan-7_WEBRachel’s bouquet was filled with her grandmother’s brooches! How creative AND special!

At the end of September, I flew to the New Mexico to photograph Mia and Michael’s Santa Fe wedding!
Everhard-88_WEBEverhard-118_WEBThis kid was enthralled with the mariachi band!Everhard-435_WEBEverhard-477_WEBEverhard-507_WEB I just LOVE this picture of Mia’s grandparents listening to the music…Everhard-530_WEBMichael and Mia’s dad shared a dance! haha!Everhard-516_WEBI had to steal Mia and Michael away for some last minute shots before the sun went below the mountains.

Who remembers the weekend of Hurricane Joaquin!? Nothing stopped Karoline and Bjorn from having the most perfect October wedding in Fredericksburg!classic_green_gold_fredericksburg_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographyclassic_green_gold_fredericksburg_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyKB-WEDDING-49_WEBOne of my favoriteeesssss of the year! Thank goodness for that porch where we were able to take all of our portraits while it was raining!!
classic_green_gold_fredericksburg_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographyclassic_green_gold_fredericksburg_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyKB-WEDDING-101_WEBclassic_green_gold_fredericksburg_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThese girls had the prettiest of blooms and bridesmaid dresses!
classic_green_gold_fredericksburg_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyKaroline and Bjorn had the moves!KB-WEDDING-195_WEBKB-WEDDING-233_WEBKB-WEDDING-251_WEB“Don’t stop believing… hold on to that feeeeeelingggg!”KB-WEDDING-252_WEBclassic_green_gold_wedding_brett_denfeld_photography

The day after Karoline and Bjorn’s big day, I second shot with Megan Kelsey Photography at the beautiful Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg!

angelasamST-4_WEBangelasamST-1_WEB These guys were such troopers when I asked them for one more shot!AngelaSam-7_WEBAngelaSam-9_WEBHow gorgeous is Angela’s bouquet??????!!!!
AngelaSam-10_WEB AngelaSam-12_WEBAngelaSam-3_WEBSo sweet… Angela and Sam sharing a moment after the ceremony! Officially husband and wife!
AngelaSam-6_WEBI think Angela had one of the prettiest hairstyles I’ve ever seen! Princess hair! or shall we say #hairgoals & #pinterestperfect!AngelaSam-5_WEBStone Tower Winery has such gorgeous views!


Kristen and Mat broke the record for biggest bridal party! 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen! It was EPIC! The Inn at Vint Hill was the perfect spot for their Fall wedding!Cipolla-Wedding-656Cipolla-Wedding-339 How pretty is her smile!?
Cipolla-Wedding-436Cipolla-Wedding-595Cipolla-Wedding-601This is their genuine look of excitement as a waiter was walking up with food and wine for them! So I asked them to keep cheering for the photo and THEN released them for a break.Cipolla-Wedding-648We managed to squeeze in picture before the POURING rain! We were actually running for the door when the rain started falling!Cipolla-Wedding-685plum_and_orange_fall_inn_at_vint_hill_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographyplum_and_orange_fall_inn_at_vint_hill_wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photography

Morgan and Dan’s constitution hall wedding was one for the books! I fell in love with the architecture and Morgan’s custom-made gold wedding dress!navy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThese columns… oh em gee.navy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographynavy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyDoesn’t this look like they’re the king and queen of Constitution Hall?navy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyThere’s something about this that I love… the fall colored leaves, the columns, the hedge at the bottom, and Morgan and Dan walking up.navy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyMorDan-193navy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_PhotographyAbsolutely one of my favorite images!navy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographynavy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographynavy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photographynavy_gold_classic_dc_DAR_Wedding_Brett_Denfeld_Photography


Alissa and Dave met on a ski lift so it was only appropriate that they got married at Liberty Ski Resort where they met and where they are snowboarding instructors!!alissadave-5The guests threw sprinkles after they tied the knot!alissadave-4alissadave-1Plaid was the PERFECT accent to Jen and David’s December wedding in Leesburg!JenDavid-1_WEBjds sneak-5Cue the perfect golden light!jds sneak-9jds sneak-10

 YOU MADE IT THROUGH! I’d love to hear which ones YOU loved! Tell me what your favorites are in the comment section below and find your favorites on Facebook!

Cheers to all of my 2015 couples, love you ALL! Thank you for supporting me and my business!!xoxo bd



  1. Chris Berry

    January 23rd, 2016 at 11:11 AM

    So in awe of your talent. Your pictures have such life in them!

  2. Phil Denfeld

    January 25th, 2016 at 10:35 AM

    Amazing seeing all the different weddings you have done and all the great shots! Your eye is so unique and your talent keeps expanding. Keep it up!

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