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March 10, 2016


AN EXCLUSIVE GUIDE TO-4Unplugged ceremonies, in my opinion, are the way to go! What does it mean to have an “unplugged ceremony”? It means making sure everyone has their phones turned off. Yep, off. No chance of someones ringtone ruining the vows, no chance of someones phone constantly vibrating, and no chance of people taking photos during the ceremony. I understand that people want to take photos – duh… BUT they aren’t fully with you. If they’re viewing the wedding through their iPhones or personal cameras they aren’t being in the moment.

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The thing is, you’ve spent time and money finding your perfect photographer who is going to capture ALL the moments for you. The last thing you want is “Uncle Bob” standing up with his iPad in the middle of the ceremony to get a shot and blocking your photographer or “Aunt Jane” sticking her point-&-shoot in the middle of the aisle during the first kiss… *shakin’ my head* Trust me, I speak from experience.

The best way to get the “unplugged” message across is to alert your guests by having it displayed on a sign, printed in the programs, or having your officiant making an announcement. The great thing about your wedding day is that people always listen to what the bride wants. Remind your guests that there will be plenty of time during the reception to snap pics and hashtag #bestweddingever. I’m not saying that I’m going to slap someone’s camera out of their hand but during the family formals when every guest wants to take photos of the bride and groom it takes twice as long… I get close to it… KIDDING! Going unplugged benefits not only me but you as well – all your people will be focused on you 🙂

I’m glad unplugged ceremonies are becoming a “thing” because it’s a “thing” I can fully support!xoxo bd

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