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March 25, 2016


Life TIP #5-3My 27th birthday is right around the corner… eeeek! It’s on Sunday – which is also Easter – hence posting this post today because people won’t be logging into the blog scene on a Sunday/holiday. SO… 27, hey now! I don’t really feel like I’m talking about myself. TWENTY-SEVEN! Sounds like an adult… am I an adult? (Here’s a picture of me on my 1st birthday…)1yr_WEB

In honor of my 27th birthday, I’m here to share with you 27 things about me…brett-1

  1. My favorite flower is the hydrangea! My mom gave me some for my 18th birthday and we STILL have a bush of them (from then) in our garden! But… below is not our garden… that’s a cute garden in Muswell Hill, London. #sobritish20150718-2015-07-18 at 21-08-08_WEB
  2. I watch more Netflix than actual TV. I recommend: The Killing, Bloodline, The Fall, or my favorite classic, Gilmore Girls (that I’m currently watching while typing this. #teamjess)…
  3. I REALLY want to see Coldplay in concert someday… like really bad. They are one of those bands that you just like forever. or maybe that I just like for forever. They have so many songs that I can listen to and remember that time in my life!
  4. Even though my sisters and I live in different states – we’re still really close! Thank you texting and snapchat 🙂
  5. I LOVE mailing letters. I have a drawer in my dresser dedicated to cute stationary… a whole drawer!
  6. My guilty pleasure TV show is The Bachelor & The Bachelorette! Any #BachelorNation fans out there?
  7. I listen to a wide range of music! I am constantly adding new songs to my Spotify playlists! I’ve been to over 60 concerts! Including: Mumford & Sons, Taylor Swift, and Luke Bryan. SO EXCITED to see Vance Joy (TONIGHT!) and SUPER excited to see Justin Bieber in April!!!! Do you beliebe? (Note the Bieber cutout – a friend of mine had one in college. HA!)11401457_10152767522530059_4139434950343902335_n
  8. My love for hard cider started when I visited Ireland when I was 16. Bulmer’s always has a place in my heart, but I’m in love with Bold Rock Hard Cider located in Nellysford, VA! (They also have a delicious charcuterie plate… #yesfood)
  9. I have 8 pairs of TOMS… I have a problem! My first pair was Olive Green and it snowballed from there… my current favorites are the black sparkles and a teal pair with a pink & orange design… yep.
  10. I’m one of those few Winter lovers. I love a good snowstorm and loveee to ski. Unfortunately I didn’t get to hit the slopes this year.
  11. If I have the option between regular fries and sweet potato fries… sweet potato fries win every time.
  12. I like condiments. BBQ, Ranch, Mustard, Honey Mustard… BUT I can’t deal with spicy so hot sauce is out.
  13. I graduated from Hollins University in Roanoke, VA in 2011! I’m going back for my FIVE year reunion this June! Interesting fact: Hollins has no mascot!
  14. I always carry a tube of Chapstick with me. My favorite kind is Strawberry Chapstick!
  15. I *STILL* like making mixed CDs for my friends. You want one?!
  16. There are so many cities I want to go to in the US… Nashville, Charleston, and Seattle are my top 3 at the moment! (BUT on SUNDAY – I’m headed out on a cruise to the Bahamas!! Ahhh – I’ve never been on a cruise!!!)
  17. I really dig breakfast food: grits, eggs, & waffles are my fave. and donuts… definitely donuts.
  18. I love coffee and I also love it iced… no matter what time of year it is. and when I say coffee, it must be Starbucks. (#coffeesnob)
  19. I used to be terrified of rollercoasters and then my mom convinced me to ride the Anaconda at Kings Dominion (where it goes upside down!) and then I became obsessed…but I haven’t been to an amusement park in years!
  20. I think I’m the only adult in the world who likes Jell-O. Orange Jell-O is the best.
  21. I will always be the first one in the water at the beach, lake, or any body of water. I don’t like to tan much because I hate being hot which probably explains #10 a little better!
  22. When I was 10 years old I wanted to be an actress and ice cream truck driver when I grew up. I’m here to report that I am neither of those things.. but it’s never too late to change my mind, right?!
  23. As most people know, I studied abroad in London in college and it was the BEST TRIP EVER! I wish I could go back to Europe EVERY year!
  24. When I was younger, I was obsessed with watching old Elvis Presley movies and the Brady Bunch. I even had themed birthday parties for both! For the Brady Bunch party, my mom created a song about me to the tune of the opening song… she called it the Brett Lee Bunch.
  25. I’ve been to 10 countries: Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro.
  26. One of my favorite movies is She’s The Man because #1 it’s hilarious and #2 CHANNING TATUM.
  27. Oh wow, 27th fact… how can I make this profound? Um… I’m not done with this list? There are too many things to say… 27th fact – contemplating this list now – oh jeez. 27th fact – my favorite color is green. (but in the past my favorite colors have been blue and red but for now it’s green.)

Whew… you made it through? Did you learn something new? Thank you for reading and thank you for following along on the blog 🙂 I appreciate each and every one of you who read, share, like, and comment on these blogs! I hope to keep you entertained in my 27th year!xoxo bd


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