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May 20, 2016

romantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionALLI & ANDREAS | A ROMANTIC GOODSTONE INN ENGAGEMENT | MIDDLEBURG, VIRGINIA

Alli and I met in a Barnes and Noble Starbucks back in February and from the first interaction – we were both laughing and giggling like old friends.  We sat there and sipped out coffee and talked about everything under the sun! It was nice to put a face to the name and get to know each other in person instead of emails! We talked about her wedding vision and European travel… (she’s headed to London this summer so of course I got excited and also jealous because it’s one of my favorite cities!) Andreas is an opera singer out and about on different assignments and Alli is studying to be a lawyer and leaving for NYC and London this Summer so with their busy schedules the only time for us to squeeze in their engagement session was this week! With the massive amounts of rain coming in and out of town I was crossing ALL of my fingers and toes and hoping that their engagement session would still go on without a hitch! We were SOOOO lucky that it was a clear day! I mean, we ACTUALLY saw the SUN and the crazy thing is, the next day was completely gloomy again. We had the BEST luck… not to mention an insanely beautiful venue to take photos! Goodstone Inn was absolutely gorgeous. Stone buildings, ivy covered walls, golden light shining over the rolling hills… I mean, seriously. #allthehearteyes

Alli-Andreas-Engaged-8_WEBHow cute are these mugs that Alli made?!romantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-27_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-28_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-35_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-33_WEBI love how smiley Alli is!!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-46_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-51_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-55_WEBI loved this fence and the ferns!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-64_WEBromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionThe Spring House where they stayed at Goodstone Inn!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-67_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-68_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-69_WEBIvy & Stone — yassssss!romantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-70_WEBSo sweet!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-77_WEBromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-92_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-106_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-96_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-114_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-118_WEBAndreas designed Alli’s ring to look like flower petals were holding up the diamond!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-124_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-133_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-126_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-111_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-129_WEBAlli got a custom cape dress made for her engagement session. Her thinking – “go big or go home!”Alli-Andreas-Engaged-132_WEBromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-161_WEBLookin’ good, Andreas!!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-162_WEB“Okay… let’s try standing in this tree…” perfect. Thanks for being adventurous with me!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-168_WEBromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-178_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-180_WEBAnd then we wandered into the fields…Alli-Andreas-Engaged-185_WEBand it was GORGEOUS!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-189_WEBromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-200_WEBSun-kissed fields!romantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-205_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-203_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-217_WEBAlli – you’re glowing– literally… the sun in your hair!Alli-Andreas-Engaged-229_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-239_WEBromantic goodstone inn middleburg engagement sessionAlli-Andreas-Engaged-243_WEBAlli-Andreas-Engaged-215_WEB

Alli and Andreas, thank you so much for taking me to the amazing Goodstone Inn for your engagement session! You two are radiating love and I can’t wait for your wedding at Whitehall next May! XO!

xoxo bd



  1. Alli

    May 20th, 2016 at 11:34 AM

    We had so much fun!!! Thank you so much Brett for rolling with all my crazy ideas :) It was a blast to shoot and I adore the pictures!

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