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July 7, 2016



Whenever I get contacted to photograph a proposal… I get SUPER excited. I feel like I’m on a secret mission… but actually, that’s exactly what I’m on! The last two proposals I shot were for close friends of mine which made the situation a lot trickier to make sure they didn’t see me. This time, I was photographing someone who had never laid eyes on me – which made “hiding” in plain sight a LOT easier!

Chad reached and really wanted me to capture the moment he proposed to his long-distance girlfriend, Lourdes. They met in college – he played football and she played tennis. After college, she moved down to Florida and he moved to D.C. as we talked on the phone, Chad mentioned that when they met everything felt right… SO – fast forward, she was going to be in town visiting for the 4th of July weekend. He planned everything perfectly. They were going to have brunch at Magnolia at the Mill in Purcellville and then he was going to wander over to the LOVE sign just next to the parking lot. We seriously couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! It was a cloudless sky with a temperature of only 75 for JULY… unreal gorgeousness.

I arrived to the spot a little early to scout it out and make sure I had my angles right! I bribed my cousin, Katie, with lunch to come and assist me in case I needed an assistant to tell people to keep the spot clear when it came time for the big moment! Chad messaged me and said they would be out in 5 minutes. I saw them walking up, in their patriotic outfits, and then my heart started to beat faster and faster!!! This was IT! The walked up, glanced my way, but remember, she doesn’t know who I am at this point so it didn’t matter that I was “awkwardly” pretending to take photos of my cousin. Lourdes walked up and started looking at the sign and Chad glanced back at me then hugged Lourdes and dropped to his knee!!!

CL-Proposal-1_WEBHer face says it all! “WHAT????!!!!” Her next question was, “did you ask my mom? Is this real? Are you serious?!”CL-Proposal-3_WEBCL-Proposal-5_WEBCL-Proposal-9_WEBSweet moment!CL-Proposal-14_WEBCL-Proposal-20_WEBCL-Proposal-25_WEBCL-Proposal-28_WEBStill can’t believe it!CL-Proposal-32_WEBI moved out from behind the bush where I was “hiding” and continued taking photos. She didn’t even notice I was there until Chad pointed to me!CL-Proposal-37_WEBCL-Proposal-38_WEBChad proposed with a ring that had already been in the family – it was the exact shape that Lourdes had wanted! Perfect!CL-Proposal-40_WEBCL-Proposal-42_WEB

When they caught their breath, we walked across the street to take a few more photos!

CL-Proposal-44_WEBShe kept saying how she never gets surprised and she couldn’t believe he pulled it off!CL-Proposal-45_WEBLourdes, you did a good job matching your outfits for the holiday weekend!CL-Proposal-50_WEBThey left to go to a BBQ that Chad told Lourdes was being thrown for his work — but in reality, some of her family and friends were going to be there! How sweet! You pulled it off, Chad!!!CL-Proposal-54_WEB

Congratulations, Chad and Lourdes!!!!

xoxo bd


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