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July 11, 2016

great falls engagement session virginia brett denfeld photographyHALEY & ROBBIE | A PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT | GREAT FALLS, VIRGINIA

When Haley and I started talking about the engagement session location she mentioned that she really wanted to take them at her grandparents house (Maywood) in Great Falls. She said the place was very special to her and now that her grandparents have passed away she wanted to take photos there and recreate some of the photos she has of her grandparents standing in their library. I thought – AWWWW! What a sweet way to remember them and the property by! I had google mapped the property (I know, I know, I’m weird) and also looked through the listing that Haley had sent me to get a better idea of the location/inside. When I arrived, Haley and Robbie gave me the tour and I could imagine all the happy family events that once took place inside. We started in the library to recreate the photo of her grandparents by the fireplace then wandered a little bit more inside and eventually ended up outside. I loved what Haley said when she told me about her outfit choices – she loves the color blue and didn’t want to look back on her photos someday and question why she wore “this” or “that” – so she kept the blue scheme throughout. I think she did a really good job!! Keep scrolling to hear how Robbie proposed!

HaleyRobbie-1_WEBHaleyRobbie-8_WEBHaleyRobbie-20_WEBHaleyRobbie-29_WEBHaleyRobbie-28_WEBHaleyRobbie-37_WEBHaleyRobbie-46_WEBHow special that Robbie proposed with Haley’s grandma’s ring!! Robbie proposed when they were visiting William & Mary (where Haley went to college) in the winter.  He mentioned that he untied his shoelaces so he would have an excuse to stop in the “spot” but Haley noticed it early on and made him tie it. So he tied it loosely so he could bend down again later. As they kept walking he asked a bystander to take a photo of them… a second later he knelt down to tie his shoe… but instead he proposed! HaleyRobbie-48_WEBHaleyRobbie-49_WEB

HaleyRobbie-53_WEBDiggin’ the classic style!HaleyRobbie-65_WEBHaleyRobbie-61_WEBgreat falls engagement session virginia brett denfeld photographyHaleyRobbie-88_WEBOne of my favorites!HaleyRobbie-72_WEBgreat falls engagement session virginia brett denfeld photographyHaleyRobbie-73_WEBHaleyRobbie-81_WEBHaleyRobbie-90_WEBLovin’ that magnolia tree!HaleyRobbie-99_WEBHaleyRobbie-95_WEBHaleyRobbie-94_WEBHaleyRobbie-103_WEB

HaleyRobbie-107_WEBHaleyRobbie-100_WEBHaleyRobbie-111_WEBgreat falls engagement session virginia brett denfeld photographyHaleyRobbie-123_WEBWe wandered down the road to take photos on this pretty stone bridge!great falls engagement session virginia brett denfeld photographyHaleyRobbie-136_WEBgreat falls engagement session virginia brett denfeld photographyHaleyRobbie-148_WEBHaleyRobbie-156_WEBHaleyRobbie-162_WEBHaleyRobbie-169_WEBA little blooper collage because Haley made a lot of silly faces…HR-blooper-1_WEB

Congratulations, Haley and Robbie! I can’t wait to see you guys again this October for your wedding!!!xoxo bd




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