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July 13, 2016

intimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographySARA & WAH SUN | AN INTIMATE DC WAR MEMORIAL WEDDING | WASHINGTON D.C.

Wah Sun and Sara tied the knot on the evening of July 9th at the DC War Memorial surrounded by 14 close family and friends! The setting was gorgeous at the DC War Memorial and the light was absolutely perfect – everyone commented on how beautiful it all was! I met Wah Sun about 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony to take some family photos beforehand. At exactly 5:30pm Sara and her Dad walked down the sidewalk and up towards the memorial. Everyone was quiet and Sara walked forward with the biggest smile on her face! As she approached the steps for the memorial her feet got caught up on her dress and she hesitated and started laughing for a moment as she couldn’t walk up… the silence broke and everyone giggled for a minute. Sara’s Aunt married the two of them as everyone stood and looked on. The ceremony was short and sweet and afterwards was filled with hugs and congratulations from all sides. We moved into family photos and lastly, bride and groom photos! As I started photographing Wah Sun and Sara, I noticed all the small details that they had put into their wedding – the ring and handkerchief tied to her bouquet, Wah Sun’s customized cuff links, the bottom of Sara’s shoes saying “I DO”, Wah Sun’s monogram on his shirt cuffs, and Sara’s bright bouquet. I photographed them for an hour during the most beautiful part of the day and then they scurried off to meet their family for dinner!


SaraWahSun-20_WEBSaraWahSun-14_WEBHow they met: (As told by Sara) “Wah Sun and I met online shortly after he moved here from Houston a few years ago. I nearly bailed on him the first time we were supposed to meet up because I was tired from work – yeah, seriously glad I came to my senses and went! Wah Sun proposed while we were on vacation in Iceland this past fall. The trip started out totally stressful for him while he tried to will the Northern Lights to appear for two days so he could propose. Turns out he can’t control the weather and he had to settle for a quiet moment after dinner in the harbor to pop the question– it was so real and completely perfect and when we finally did see the lights the next night he asked me to marry him all over again.” — omg… can we agree that Wah Sun is too cute?!SaraWahSun-27_WEBSaraWahSun-36_WEBSaraWahSun-41_WEBSaraWahSun-43_WEBIf you look closely you can see Wah Sun cracking up because Sara had a hard time getting up the stairs in her dress… :)SaraWahSun-46_WEBSaraWahSun-50_WEBSaraWahSun-53_WEBSaraWahSun-54_WEBSaraWahSun-60_WEBSaraWahSun-58_WEBSaraWahSun-66_WEBSaraWahSun-70_WEB I think Sara and Wah Sun win the smile award – these two couldn’t stop! Their happiness filled the “room” as their family and close friends witnessed them tie the knot. The DC War Memorial was the perfect, intimate spot for these two to say, “I Do.”SaraWahSun-79_WEBSaraWahSun-82_WEBSaraWahSun-83_WEB

Parents of the BRIDE!SaraWahSun-88_WEBParents of the GROOM!SaraWahSun-109_WEBSara used the same purse her mom used at her own wedding years ago!SaraWahSun-190_WEBSaraWahSun-149_WEB


Sara knew that all she wanted was a colorful bouquet. I think Highway to Hill totally nailed it! Sara also mentioned that she read my blog post about “something old, new, borrowed, & blue” to incorporate her mother’s handkerchief and ring to her bouquet!

intimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographySaraWahSun-132_WEB

SaraWahSun-124_WEBintimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographyintimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographySaraWahSun-146_WEBYou guys look amazing!intimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographySaraWahSun-157_WEBSaraWahSun-159_WEBSaraWahSun-169_WEBSaraWahSun-165_WEBSaraWahSun-177_WEBAbout the details: The blue ring was my mom’s from her travels in Asia when she taught for the DOD. The handkerchief was from my mom’s next door neighbor growing up in North Dakota, Lizzie. She was like a grandmother to my mom and my middle name Elizabeth is in honor of her.sflowers-2_WEBSaraWahSun-183_WEBintimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographyintimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographyWah Sun had cufflinks with the coordinates of the spot they got married!SaraWahSun-193_WEBSaraWahSun-197_WEBSaraWahSun-195_WEBintimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographySaraWahSun-206_WEBSaraWahSun-212_WEBOne of my favorites!!
SaraWahSun-207_WEBOne moment we went “vogue” the next minute I made a joke and it was hilarious!SaraWahSun-215_WEBSaraWahSun-218_WEBSaraWahSun-219_WEBSaraWahSun-222_WEBSaraWahSun-223_WEB

SaraWahSun-228_WEBSaraWahSun-233_WEBSaraWahSun-235_WEBYou guys are cute… thanks for not tripping down the stairs!SaraWahSun-237_WEBSaraWahSun-250_WEBSaraWahSun-255_WEBOOOOO that lighhhhhht!
intimate dc war memorial wedding brett denfeld photographySaraWahSun-263_WEB

Congratulations Wah Sun and Sara! Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding celebration!


Dress: Adrianna Papell

HMU: Jamie D’Agostino 

Florist:Highway to Hill 

Wah Sun’s Suit: Swank USA Inc 

xoxo bd



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