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September 7, 2016


BLOG COVERS-2It’s always a bummer when the party is nearing to an end… all your friends are huddling in a circle and screaming out the lyrics to Don’t Stop Believin’ – BUT WAIT – there’s one more thing! The exit! The DJ will make an announcement and ask your guests to leave the reception and wait for you and your hubby to leave! Maybe you’re going to your hotel, an after party, or even the airport if your honeymoon starts immediately… in any case, you should leave in style! Are you going to snap, crackle, or pop! What’s your favorite way to exit?

Glow sticks! (snap!)

There’s nothing people like more than dancing with glow sticks at weddings. So beware – if you are saving them until the exit – hide them under a table or in the coat closet or else your dance floor will be lit up instead of your exit!JMM-Wedding-740_WEB

SPARKLERS! (crackle!)

Not all sparklers are made equally. Opt for 20″ classic sparklers! They last for about 2 minutes and give off a pretty glowy light! They’re perfect for a second run through if needed! For smaller weddings – give each guest two sparklers so you have more light for your grand exit! AND make sure you have more than one lighter! It’s perfect to have one for either side and one for the middle so that your sparklers don’t go out before you have a chance to make it out!SeibertWedding-652

BUBBLES! (pop!)

Who doesn’t like bubbles! Bubbles aren’t always successful for late night exits but Delaney and TJ’s early evening exit was perfect! Barry-Wedding-747_WEB

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