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January 11, 2017


I admit – I’m a little behind in blogging! I’ve been working on a few projects and the Flashback 2016 blog posts were put on the back burner! Let’s get this Flashback 2016 series rolling! Okay, so what’s “Flashback 2016” you ask? Well, I’ve been digging around in the 2016 archives to pick out some of my favorite images from 2016 to share with you! I’m here today to present to you the first of many Flashback posts: Behind the Scenes & Bloopers from my 2016 sessions and weddings! Let’s GO!


Let’s start the year off with some fun engagement photos of Meg & Zach in Old Town! How cute is that lobster door knocker?!megzach-41_webmegzach-40_web

When people passing by look over at you while you’re getting engagement photos taken…lora-kyle-240_webSee… proof that engagement sessions are fun! We laugh and make goofy faces… A LOT.jessicamatt-engaged-114_webhr-blooper-14_webhr-blooper-6_webemiliebrian-engaged-206_webemiliebrian-engaged-11_webrachel-dex-obx-216_webEngagement photos are clearly serious business…
rachel-dex-obx-201_webjuliaspiro-engagement-27_webSpiro was the king of all posing…juliaspiro-engagement-123_webjuliaspiro-engagement-139_web… and Julia could only put up with it for so long. hahajuliaspiro-engagement-269_webI loved how animated Taylor was at her sisters wedding… girl, I don’t blame you for taking break – standing in heels is tough!
volantwedding-537_webPresenting: THE BRIDE!
volantwedding-520_webvolantwedding-556_webHey it’s me just doin’ my thing at Marta & Jason’s wedding! It was POURING rain so I’m thankful that they scheduled to have their portraits taken at the Lincoln Memorial!!martajason-bts-3_web

martajason-bts-5_webColeen caught me taking detail shots on the bed… I look mad… I promise I’m not!martajason-bts-1_web

(I admit I stole this photo from a guest’s Facebook page where they tagged Robbie & Haley — it’s perfect!!) It was the WINDIEST DAY EVERRRRR. I’m not even kidding. It was also freezing and Haley & Robbie were TOTAL CHAMPS! As you can see I’m literally sitting on the side of the hill because it was THAT steep. 14718659_10209191169191249_3558463857906745448_n_webOur attempt at blowing veil shots ended quickly…brussowedding-sunset-portraits-21_webso. much. fail.brusso-3_webbrussowedding-sunset-portraits-16_web

Robbie’s face cracks me up in the second photo… brussowedding-bloopers-11_webI guess I’m fluffing Carolyn’s dress… or something…brettlincoln-bts-1_websneewedding-1_webomggg do you guys remember this!? Carolyn & Matt had Lincoln at their wedding! So cool!
I mean… I’d be hungry too if I was dancing’ my butt off all night! ferraguto-wedding-324_webI was laughing SO HARD! Rachel’s cousin slow dancing with his “date”… I’m still laughing hard at this!
ferraguto-wedding-312_webferraguto-wedding-343_webHere we go again with the wind…haley-14_webhaley-blooper-5_webemmey-senior-117_webarnold-bloopers-2_webkylie-senior-151_weblauren-blooper-4_web“I’m just going to check my settings… don’t worry about me. I’ll tell you when I’m ready.” emmanick-1_webWhen you’re casually posing on some stairs and people driving by are honking…brooke-senior-2016-84_webWaiting for his bride to show up… TJ did a good job modeling so I could adjust my settings… hahahabarry-wedding-506_webThat time the reception turned into a nurf gun war…barry-wedding-654_web50/50 bet that this is “Single ladies”barry-wedding-655_webI mean — guy has some moves!barry-wedding-681_webBubble in your eye, TJ?barry-wedding-742_webBehind the scenes at this proposal!!! yasssss.kd-proposal-140_webThese shots of Andrew & Drew kill me! (Thank you to Becki who second shot with me for Andrew & Rainey’s Wedding!)woodlands-houston-texas-wedding-photographer-355Shoutout to Becki! (That’s my sister in the red & my mom sitting down)
When your family is attending a wedding that you’re shooting…woodlands-houston-texas-wedding-photographer-291_webHAHAHA – shoutout to Becki for capturing this shot at Andrew & Rainey’s wedding!woodlands-houston-texas-wedding-photographer-295_webOKAY HERE WE GO. That time I went from photographer to guest! (Thank you Becki for the following gems).

Oh dear —- probably singing don’t stop believin’woodlands-houston-texas-wedding-photographer-412_webWhat song does everyone jump to? IDK, probably all of them…woodlands-houston-texas-wedding-photographer-304_webTHAT EPIC RECEPTION END! SO fun! 2016 bloopers/behind the scenes… that’s a wrap!woodlands-houston-texas-wedding-photographer-329_web

Stay tuned for more Flashback 2016 posts!

xoxo bd

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