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February 13, 2017



A few weeks I sat down in silence, yes, actual silence, and wrote out my 2017 goals for the year. I had 5 different categories of goals one of which was business goals! So I figured I’d share them with all of you so I can keep myself accountable and put out some good luck and positivity vibes into the air!VolantWedding-359_WEB

1. Update & Revamp my website. I’m currently in the process of revamping and it’s taking a little bit more time than I thought… but I’m excited to share it with you once it’s done!!!

2. Finish up my Bride & Groom guide and send it to all of my 2017 couples! It’s in the version 5 editing process of pictures… I’m a perfectionist, y’all. But serious shoutout to Katelyn James for creating this incredible template!
3. Start blogging helpful tips for second shooters & other photographers! Which goes along with my next point…
4. Start up mentoring for photographers! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now! I want to give back to my community and be a resource to any photographer who wants to pick my brain and ask me questions! When I started in this industry… it was SO intimidating to me. Over the years, it has become so much more welcoming but I know that it can still be intimidating as a beginner or newer photographer to ask a group of “experienced” wedding photographers questions. I’ve always loved being a helper and encourager and love to see newer photographers grow!
5. Book at least ONE destination wedding abroad! I would dieee to shoot in Italy, England, Iceland, France… really the list is endless. If you’re reading this and you know someone abroad — hook me up! I love traveling AND I love photography so… win/win, right!?
6. Book more out-of-state weddings. I would love to shoot in California, Charleston, or the Pacific Northwest!
7. Post more helpful and educational blog posts for my couples and future clients! (I have soooo many started in my drafts so there are lots of tips coming your way!)

8. Have more coffee/lunch dates with other vendors (friend-ors)! Since I work at home, it gets lonely! It’s nice to be able to take a break from sitting at my desk and get out! I’m thankful for The Rising Tide Society for bringing lots of us creative business owners together!

9. This is one that isn’t super pretty but always has to be done. Clean up and donate my old photography equipment. I have so many things I don’t use anymore. Either I’ve upgraded or I never even touched to begin with! I know that someone else will get use out of it more than me and it doesn’t need to sit in my closet!

10. Use my word of the year, FOCUS, to work on my relationships with my clients and continue to be a great resource for them! I want all my clients to ask me questions! No question is silly or dumb or embarrassing to ask!

So there you have it! I have so many more goals but most are action items behind these 10! I have them written out and placed right next to my desk so I can’t ignore them! I’m working on creating deadlines for certain goals so that I keep myself on track. What methods do you have to keep on track? I’d love to hear them!


xoxo bd