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George washington hotel winchester photographer

March 21, 2017


George washington hotel winchester photographer CALLIE & JOHN | GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL WEDDING | WINCHESTER, VA

After 11 years together, these high school sweethearts tied the knot at the gorgeous George Washington Hotel in Winchester, Virginia. I had been looking forward to their wedding for a few reasons… 1: It officially kicked off my 2017 season of weddings. 2: I grew up next to Callie’s family years ago and it was a blast from the past to see her family again.  3: When I looked up the venue… I couldn’t pick my jaw up off the floor. The George Washington Hotel was breathtakingly beautiful!  4: After reconnecting with Callie and meeting John for the first time and then hanging out again at their engagement session, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun… and it did not disappoint!

I arrived at the bridal suite for getting ready portraits and was reunited with Callie, her sisters, and her mom! All of the bridesmaids were super sweet and welcoming! Callie slipped into her GORGEOUS gown from Watters and her mother put her veil in by the window and literally the whole room was silent. She looked STUNNING! Just wait until you see her. As we headed over for the first look, she kept saying, oh my gosh… it’s now… it’s really happening!

george-washington-hotel-wedding-2_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-14_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-1_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-24_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-22_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-15_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-17_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-21_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-32_WEBThe fabulous hair & make-up squad!george-washington-hotel-wedding-16_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-8_WEBThis photo is hardly edited. All I really had to do was straighten it out a bit! CALLIE, your EYES are stunning!
George washington hotel winchester photographer

Callie had picked out her first look spot at John Handley High School and I have to say… my jaw dropped again! It looked like a college campus! I put John in his place and told him that he wasn’t allowed to spin around until Callie told him it was time! Their first look was perfectly sweet. John and Callie both smiled from ear to ear! It was so cute. We took photos at the high school and then headed back into town for bridal party portraits at the stunning Handley Library on Piccadilly Street. I felt like it was straight out of Europe!

george-washington-hotel-wedding-34_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-36_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-38_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-39_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-40_WEBBoth so happy!George washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-46_WEBAH – BEAUTIFUL!George washington hotel winchester photographer

george-washington-hotel-wedding-55_WEBYou both are so ridiculously good lookin’!George washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-57_WEBWinchester Floral knocked it out of the park! The florals were so pretty!George washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-65_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-58_WEB

george-washington-hotel-wedding-64_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-74_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-72_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-73_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-75_WEBHow pretty is that door?!george-washington-hotel-wedding-70_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-71_WEBheart em geeeeee. I’m obsessed!George washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerLeading up to the wedding, I had been frantically refreshing because it was calling for rain. It was the only day of the week calling for rain and I was praying to the rain gods to hold off JUST until the ceremony. Callie and John had already expressed to me that they wanted a first look and all bridal party and family portraits done before the ceremony because they wanted to walk right into cocktail hour! And guess what?! It didn’t start raining until we were completely done with our outdoor portraits!!!!!!! #insane.

I loved these bridal party colors and the architecture of this library! Are we in Europe or what?!

george-washington-hotel-wedding-94_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-99_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-97_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-100_WEBI’d say the bridal party looked pretty snazzy!george-washington-hotel-wedding-93_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-98_WEB

george-washington-hotel-wedding-101_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerWhen boys do crazy things…george-washington-hotel-wedding-104_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerJohn and Callie’s siblings!george-washington-hotel-wedding-109_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-112_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-105_WEBGorgeous!George washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerI love this shot!George washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-118_WEBGuys… that’s the LIBRARY! 
George washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-121_WEBWe headed back to the hotel for a few more photos inside of the ballroom where the ceremony took place!
george-washington-hotel-wedding-128_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-127_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-125_WEBCallie’s bridesmaid, Brittany, and her two adorable little boys who were the ring bearers!george-washington-hotel-wedding-123_WEBThe Tomczak & Hobbs new family photo!george-washington-hotel-wedding-122_WEBThe ceremony was short and sweet and the newlyweds were able to join their family and friends for cocktail hour immediate after a few family photos! The amazing staff at the George Washington Hotel transformed the ceremony space into the reception space so quickly! The rest of the night was beautiful. Speeches and dinner followed by first dances and then open dancing! Highlights from the reception: John busting a move to the Backstreet Boys and knowing everything single word and Callie and John cutting their cake with Callie’s Dad’s sword! Too cool! The party didn’t stop!george-washington-hotel-wedding-135_WEBSeriously, how pretty is this ballroom?!george-washington-hotel-wedding-131_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-137_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-140_WEB

george-washington-hotel-wedding-141_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-146_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-144_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-148_WEBTOTES OFFICIAL!george-washington-hotel-wedding-149_WEBTHE NEW MR & MRS JOHN HOBBS!george-washington-hotel-wedding-152_WEBHad to get a newlywed picture before they headed to cocktail hour!george-washington-hotel-wedding-155_WEB

George washington hotel winchester photographerThe ceremony spaced got flipped into the reception space!George washington hotel winchester photographerGeorge washington hotel winchester photographerMr. Tomczak surprised Callie and John with a  special way to cut the cake!George washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-193_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-167_WEBAlways special to see the welcome table covered in pictures that I took!!George washington hotel winchester photographerThe bridal party made their entrance!
george-washington-hotel-wedding-171_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-170_WEBHere come the bride and groom!george-washington-hotel-wedding-177_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-182_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographer
george-washington-hotel-wedding-184_WEBSo sweet!George washington hotel winchester photographerThe best man, Matt, mentioned something about John loving the Backstreet Boys and knowing every word. John did not disappoint when the DJ played “Everybody” on the dance floor later on!
george-washington-hotel-wedding-186_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-187_WEBCallie’s two younger sisters, Delaney and Torey, were co-maids of honor!george-washington-hotel-wedding-189_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-190_WEBGeorge washington hotel winchester photographergeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-197_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-199_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-200_WEBSuch a pretty setting for the first dance!george-washington-hotel-wedding-204_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-207_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-202_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-203_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-212_WEBSo sweet! Daddy-Daughter dance!george-washington-hotel-wedding-210_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-209_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-213_WEBSo happy!george-washington-hotel-wedding-216_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-214_WEBThey did a reverse anniversary dance! Started with couples married 40 years or more then 30 years etc until every couple was on the dance floor!george-washington-hotel-wedding-218_WEBThink John is ready to party or nah?george-washington-hotel-wedding-243_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-219_WEBIt was the Backstreet Boys moment… in case you were’ it dowwwwwwwn! Check out John’s sister’s face in the background!
george-washington-hotel-wedding-235_WEBJohn with the worm!george-washington-hotel-wedding-237_WEBExcuse the weird flash… but these moves had to be on the blog!george-washington-hotel-wedding-238_WEBHigh school squad, crew team, and JMU Dukes pictures!george-washington-hotel-wedding-244_WEBgeorge-washington-hotel-wedding-248_WEBCongratulations to John and Callie on a gorgeous day! I was so happy to be a part of your wedding! Enjoy HAWAII!!!

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Shoutout to the amazing vendor team! Thank you to Ashley Mapp for second shooting for me!

Venue: The George Washington Hotel

Hair: Amber Stiles

MUA: France Ileana – MUA

Suits: Jos A Bank

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Florals: Winchester Floral

Dress: Katherine’s Bridal Boutique

DJ: Black Tie Entertainment

Cake: Beckaboo’s Cake

xoxo bd

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