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March 22, 2017





  1. Is there a date that has special meaning to you? I’ve heard of some couples getting married on a special date that corresponds with the date they met, or the date they said I love you, or the date their parents got married. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t HAVE to follow in those footsteps but it could be a cute idea to make the wedding date memorable on an extra level!
  2. When and where do you want to get married? Think about the season. Think about the temps. Think about holidays. If you’re a huge football fan maybe you don’t want to get married on a big game day?! Think about what family or work obligations you have coming up that you might be forgetting! I mean, your wedding date can be whatever you want it to be but those are just a few things to think about!!leeann-matt-springfield-29_WEB
  3. Who are your MUST HAVE vendors? The saddest thing in the world is setting the date and your dream vendor is booked. Keep in mind that venues and photographers can get booked up to a year or MORE in advance! If you have your heart set on something… ask questions before setting the date! I absolutely having to turn brides away that have been following me for years on Instagram only to find out that our dates don’t match up! I wish I could be in two places at once!
  4. How much time do you want for planning? One of the biggest things I hear from brides is how “stressed” they are about being “behind” in the planning process. Guess what? Just because you get engaged in November doesn’t mean you have to get married in June. You totally CAN but also, if you want to have more time… take it! There’s not a rule out there that says the clock starts ticking once you say YES! I’ve known brides who have planned wedding from 16 months to 6 months. Whatever your style, you do you, girl.Leuck-Wedding-649_WEB
  5. What’s your budget? This kind of goes along with when and where you want to get married. There are actually “expensive” wedding seasons… like June and October – two of the most popular wedding months. If you’re trying to cut down on some costs, consider the “out of season” months and or Friday or Sunday dates.Ferraguto-Wedding-146_WEB
  6. Do you want a destination wedding? If you do, sign. me. up. BUT also remember things like hurricane season if you’re planning on a romantic island getaway or what is happening in that place in that season. Imagine trying to plan a wedding around a huge festival where all the hotels are booked and it becomes a nightmare…ButlerWedding-196_WEB
  7. What are you doing about your honeymoon? I’ve known some teachers to get married the day before a long week break or just at the end of the school year so they’re able to enjoy their honeymoon right after. But maybe you’re waiting to take your honeymoon until later, totes fine too!

At the end of the day… pick whatever date you want! This is about YOU and your fiancé. You might get opinions from literally everyone you come into contact with, but remember, this day is about YOU and you get to decide how it unfolds. These 7 things are not the wedding RULES… they’re just tips to consider! Happy planning!

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xoxo bd

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