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March 27, 2017


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I blinked and I’m 28. I don’t know what you’re supposed to feel like on your 28th birthday… but I feel young and old at the same time. My mind grows every year with new experiences but typing the number 2-8 seems OLD! I try not to freak out that I’m another year closer to 30 because what is age really? it’s just a number! I TRULY feel like that… even if I do complain about being “old.” Let’s be honest… a number isn’t slowin’ me down… the best is yet to come! (I love quotes)
PariswithErin-20_WEBAight let’s do this… this is just a fun blog post really just about me… because if you haven’t gotten to know me by now, you will get a glimpse of who Brett Denfeld is by the end of this whole thing. Let’s go on a journey, shall we, about 28 things about Brett that you may or may not know. Favorites, lessons learned, tips, hopes… dreams… I’m kidding… or am I? Read on and see…

  1. If I don’t carry around chapstick with me all the time… I ALWAYS need it when I don’t have it. So… every bag I own has a tube of it in there. 99% of the time, I’m fully prepared.
  2. I’m a condiments girl. Honey Mustard and BBQ are the best.
  3. People tell me I’m crazy when I say I like designing wedding albums… but it stems from my love of taking Yearbook in high school. My first year as editor (Junior year) — our YBK won a platinum prize…. so obviously I was a huge nerd.
  4. One of the first times I remember really pushing myself as a kid was riding the Anaconda roller coaster at Kings Dominion and telling my mom I didn’t want to do it because I was going to die… and then I didn’t die and I rode it like 5 times straight.
  5. For the last 9 years I’ve written a holiday newsletter. It’s always an overview of my year and is always pretty funny and sarcastic. I’ve gotten more and more sarcastic over the years… and sometimes question if people think I’m crazy but it’s the most requested item from all of my friends.
  6. I used to think that I didn’t like blue cheese salad dressing, feta cheese, or Brussel sprouts… I have since discovered my long lost love for these 3 things. I’m still working on peanut butter. I KNOW. I’m WEIRD… it’s just not my favorite thing ever.
  7. When people ask me what my favorite genre of music is… I can’t answer. I honest have the most diverse playlists on Spotify that you’ve ever seen. From pop to country to electronic to indie… it’s all thurrrr.
  8. I LOVE going to concerts. I prefer smaller venues because then you’re in on the action but certain artists don’t GO to small venues so you gotta go with the flow. Looking forward to hitting up Ed Sheeran this year and Dierks Bentley/Jon Pardi again this year!
  9. When I go to a restaurant I think it’s fun to try and split a bunch of things vs ordering just ONE thing. I don’t go out to eat that much so when I’m out… I want to get the full experience!
  10. The only clubbing that I do is wine clubbing. It’s no lie that I am in love with Bluemont Vineyard. I’ve become more picky about wine since I’ve aged…. wine gets better with age… so does Brett’s wine taste and I can say that I truly like every Bluemont wine that I’ve ever had.
  11. Beer. I promise I’ll lay off the booze in the next fact. But TBH… I thought I didn’t like IPAs… turns out… Brett’s beer taste buds are also developing lately and I’m coming to terms with the fact that I do enjoy more craft brews than I think I do.
  12. Last year I discovered that I have an incurable annoyance in my life call Tinnitus. What is tinnitus you ask? It’s a ringing that happens in my ears… all… the… time. I thought everyone had it. I didn’t understand how people couple sleep without a fan on because the ringing is so LOUD… and friends AND doctors told me that not everyone does. so… that’s cool, there’s no cure.
  13. I’ve taken a liking to posting my real life on Instagram stories. At first I was like… no… I’m not doing this and then I did and I realized that it actually opened up a new wave of communication among my followers and friends. I realized that I don’t mind being real with you all because I think the biggest compliment I can receive from anyone that meets me is that I’m as genuine in person that I am online.
  14. I really like writing. (Could you not tell by the length of this “simple” list?) I used to want to be a writer. I started writing a book when I was in middle school. I had a notebook shaped like a huge surfboard… random… and I started writing a story about a girl who wanted to go to the dance with a cute boy and he didn’t notice her…. ohhhhh did I mention it was a real life story? jkjk……… but anyways. I might not be writing novels about sad teenagers but I do consider myself a writer for blogging! I love itttt.
  15. I’m a sticky note fanatic. I have all the colors and I use them all the time… #proof. I know there are so many online tools for to-do lists but there’s nothing quite like an IN YOUR FACE reminder on a bright orange sticky note to tell you to get your butt into gear. The goal is to clear off the notes so you can take off your sunglasses that are shielding your eyes from blinding neon notes.
  16. I finally got TSA pre-check… so now I don’t have to take my shoes off OR take my laptop out of my backpack when I go through security! #itsthelittlethings
  17. I’m always down for a spur of the moment dance party! Gotta play some Backstreet Boys… it’s a MUST.
  18. I’m happy that I decided to jump ship almost 2 years ago this June to pursue photography full-time. It’s been the most rewarding/challenging/exciting time in my life! As I said before… the best is yet to come — the thing is… I never know where the next job is. It could be in VA or it could be in a state a plane ride away — the uncertainty can scare me sometimes but I’m also so grateful for ALL of the experience I get to have in this career! I have big dreams for weddings in California, Europe, and so many other locations… hit. me. upppp.
  19. I love the group text I have with my family. We’re not together all the time but with one tap of a button we can let each other what we’re up to… bitmoji style 🙂
  20. I love candles. I get this candle love from my mom. She has an entire candle CABINET. It is no joke. So in my office alone, I have 6 candles. No crazy… I don’t light them all at the same time. I pick and choose. Today it’s a Voluspa candle. Scent: Amaranth & Jasmine that was gifted to me around my birthday last year so it’s appropriate.
  21. I used to be super quiet. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them. I was the quiet kid at school and I didn’t really have anyone to hangout with on weekends. and now… I have no problem talking until the sun comes up. I know how it used to feel being the quiet one in a room and it’s my goal to always get people to feel welcomed in conversation. Everyone has something to say!
  22. I don’t drink soda much anymore… but when I do, I drink ginger ale.
  23. When there is nothing to watch on TV and I just want to relax and not think too hard… I watch Gilmore Girls. I may or may not be on my 5th consecutive time.
  24. I feel lucky everyday to have a super supportive family who I love so much and who I look up to every day. They each have qualities that I strive for in myself. They all motivate and push me to get after things I put off and even though I get annoyed sometimes… I know that they mean it out of love and genuine care.
  25. The fjords in Norway and let’s be real, all of New Zealand is on my travel bucket list… along with many others closer to home and cheaper on the bank account like Nashville and Seattle. I’m always wanting to plan the next adventure because I can’t stay in one place for too long. I always like having something to look forward to on the calendar.
  26. One of the biggest things that has helped me get through harder seasons has been telling myself that I can always do whatever hard thing it is… and it’s not going to kill me. I will get over the hump… as soon as I stop freaking out and telling myself all the reasons why it’s hard.
  27. This is an unpopular comment but… I don’t like cats and I don’t want to watch your cat videos. I’m SUPER allergic and it’s a travesty because a LOT of my friends have cats and I can never have sleepovers. (YES I SAID SLEEPOVERS!)
  28. One of my favorite lazy day things to do is look through all of our old childhood photos. My mom and dad did a pretty rockin’ job of capturing EVERY MOMENT of our childhood. Another family fave activity is watching our old home videos. Every single time we get together as a family, we watch hours of home videos!


xoxo bd