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April 7, 2017


historic leesburg engagement virginia wedding photographerFAQ: DO YOU SHOOT MORE THAN ONE EVENT PER DAY?

This FAQ is one that I’ve gotten a few times because I believe it’s probably one of those questions in some internet article somewhere about “things to ask your photographer.” I’m not speaking for all photographers but in my business, no, I do not shoot more than one event per day. For weddings, my packages are for full day coverage so I can only schedule one wedding per day! I am scheduled with my couples for 8 to 10 hours so my whole day is dedicated to one couple! No way I could squeeze in another event!

cityclubdcwedding-62_webBack in the day I would sometimes schedule two sessions per day, but now, I stick to one per day for sanity sake! I also shoot my sessions the two hours before sunset so I couldn’t schedule two shoots at the same time! I also choose to shoot one session per day in case I need to make an adjustment with timing around weather or something! For instance, I had a couple in town for their engagement session back in December and we had to move our session up because of inclement weather. If I was double booked I  wouldn’t have been able to fit everyone in! I would probably have to reschedule someone from that day and I know we all run on tight schedules so I try respect my clients time and mine! Sometimes when people are coming in from out of town, it gets trickier and we have lots of variables for rescheduling!


I like focusing on one event per day so that I’m giving my best self to my clients and not thinking about something else I have later in the day or worrying about timing. It’s not to say that I would NEVER shoot two sessions per day, but if I can help it, one per day it is!historic aldie mill engagement photos brett denfeld photography

Please let me know if YOU have a question that you want answered! My goal is to answer as many FAQs to share my knowledge and educate all of my couples! No question is too basic or too scary to answer! Leave me a message in the comments below or feel free to email me a topic idea! Click here to contact me!

xoxo bd

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