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April 7, 2017




We got cherry blossom portraits, ya’ll! Without having to fight 1928472374923 tourists around the tidal basin, Meg found a grove of cherry blossom trees on the Mall near the Washington Monument! So, Meg (the gal on the left) is one of my 2017 brides and she reached out to me about taking grad photos with her roommate, Liz! They’re both in their last year of law school at George Washington University in D.C.! Ya with me? Let’s add another level… Liz is the one who actually found me online and told Meg to check me out for her wedding photography… how totally cool is that?! Anyways… after going back and forth about what day we could shoot, we finally nailed one down! After dozing off on the metro and skipping my stop by two stops… total whoops… I met the girls at the Lincoln Memorial where we dodged tourists and wandered to the backside of the memorial and took some shots with the epic columns. loveeeeeee. Then we headed over to a grove of cherry blossom trees near the Washington Monument! The grove was crawling with tourists and we “fought” for the best tree for pictures! It was so fun taking pretty photos of these soon to be lawyers, being silly and skipping around the Lincoln, and ending the evening in golden hour!

Here are some of my faves from our Lincoln/cherry blossom portrait session!

ML-Portraits-2ML-Portraits-13ML-Portraits-8“Can I take a smile break? Liz… it’s your turn!”ML-Portraits-77ML-Portraits-87Skipping through the last few weeks of school like…ML-Portraits-29ML-Portraits-27ML-Portraits-18When tourists are all up in your shot…MegLiz-Bloopers-1Whatevs… look at that EPIC scenery!ML-Portraits-32ML-Portraits-44Aren’t they the CUTEST?!ML-Portraits-37Cherry blossoms!!
ML-Portraits-97ML-Portraits-52LIZ. omg. GORGEOUS!ML-Portraits-94
ML-Portraits-39This girl is about to be Mrs. Tardy in September!! Can’t WAIT!ML-Portraits-55That pink dress, that smile, and that golden light!!!ML-Portraits-109“So how do you guys feel about “awkward roomie” pics?”

ML-Portraits-63Can’t wait to see BOTH of you later this Fall!!

xoxo bd

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