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April 10, 2017



Ya’ll impressed that I kept up with my “weekender recap” series? Only in week 2… so it will really be impressive a few weeks down the road! ha!

Spring is HERE! The busy season is upon us! From this weekend forward, I have plans every weekend except for one weekend a month for the next… forever! It’s exciting! All of these events that I’ve been looking forward to are HERE! If you look at my calendar you’d be like… do you even sleep? Nahhhh.

This weekend was full of family and cousins! Friday consisted of shopping… if you know me, you know it’s not my fave. HOWEVER, I did find some cute things for this weekend! I’m headed out for a bachelorette party for my friend Corrin! Get ready for lots of instastories and bach pics and shenanigans. Friday night consisted of going to the gym (work, work, work, work, work).

Saturday was spent celebrating my cousin Rachel at her bridal shower!! Mimosa bar and Georgetown cupcakes? yasss please! The rest of Saturday was a total surprise! My sister, Morgan, planned the whole day! She didn’t get to come on my birthday trip so she wanted to do something special! It was awesome! We spent the day (perfect weather) at Quattro Goombas Winery & Brewery! (More to come in the Top 5 of the weekend below…). Then went to dinner at Matchbox in One Loudoun – gimme more of that spinach & artichoke dip, oh em gee. My friend, Bethanne, was able to join us for dinner after shooting a wedding all day! It was a great day of food & friends!

(cellphone photos for the win)IMG_0040

IMG_0023IMG_0022Sunday was my sleep in day. Obvi. Lazy, lazy Sunday. BUT I did end up cleaning my office and getting rid of lots of “stuff” that I kept shuffling around. Later in the afternoon my Aunt and cousin came up from Chester, VA for a visit! I took some senior pictures of Nathan, still can’t believe he’s 18! I shot in a spot I used to shoot at a lot and then decided to drive over to an area that I’ve driven by a few times and always “wondered” about… my friend, it was a WIN!

(This was a really long recap but I’m still not done… shocker!)

Here’s the Top 5 thoughts of the weekend!

  1. At my cousin’s bridal shower, I tried several… okay, all… of the different juices to mix in with my champagne. I liked the white cranberry strawberry juice! Second place was the cranberry pineapple! It was such a beautiful shower for my cousin Rachel! I can’t wait to photograph her wedding in JUNE!!! Coming up!! #BerryGreatToBeAGreen
  2. You NEVER know who you’re going to run into when you’re out! My sister surprised me with a girl day out at Quattro Goombas winery! It was so funny because it my me, my mom, and my sister and then two friends, Carleigh and Lauren showed up! It was so fun!! Who is behind door number 3? Well… we actually were searching for a table and my sister spotted one in the sun and we made friends with the people sitting there! We listened to music, played cards, and ended up having a lot in common! It was so much fun!
  3. Try the flight. The beer flight, ya’ll. #priorities. If you don’t know what you want… get the taster! I ALWAYS do a flight when I’m not sure of what I want. I finally went to the Quattro Goombas Brewery and loved their RBF…. Resting Beer Face. HA!
  4. I’ve tried to keep up with color coding all my tasks in my agenda but I’ve only been able to halfway remember what the colors are for. Weddings are in GREEN because it’s one of my branding colors and I outline the day in green like the green boxwood square in my logo… (was that too detailed?! I’m weird.) Orange is used for events but then somehow pink got in there… so pink or orange is events/fun trips. But then I accidentally used blue one time… so…. whatever.
  5. When you have an inkling about a potential shooting location and you go and it’s better than you imagined. #forthewin
  6. I know this isn’t top 5… oops. But. I cooked last night! Well I had some help but I cooked BBQ chicken! And it was delicious. Cool story, right?! If you know me at all… anything BBQ is my FAVE. Like bbq ribs, bbq flavored chips, bbq anythinggggg. It was a good end to the weekend!

That’s all folks – this has been long enough! See ya’ll next week for what I bet will be a super long recap since I’m headed off to a secret location! EEEEExcited!

xoxo bd