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jefferson memorial engagement

April 21, 2017



The Jefferson Memorial is one of my favorite places for engagement sessions! Why? Because I can NEVER get over how epic and beautiful those white marble columns are! Gahhhh I love them. (It’s true love). Perfect lighting – all – the – time! Natalie and Andrew picked this spot because just a few trees away was where they got engaged! (Yes, a few trees… you’ll see later!) It’s funny because I arrived early and waited on the steps. I saw a husband and wife walk up and heard them on the phone saying “Okay, honey, see you soon.”… later I found out those were actually Andrew’s parents! They came to be the dog holder for Natalie and Andrew’s ADORABLE BullPug, Barkely. (Barkley has an instagram if you want to follow along… @barkley_the_bullpug. What a cutie! Anyways… as Natalie and Andrew walked up, she handed me a bag that said “It’s such a TREAT to work with you” filled with Kit-Kats and Gummy bears, my favorite candies!!! SO sweet!

Andrew and Natalie met in 2008 became friends in 2011 and in 2013 they announced they were together after multiple friends asking if they were “actually dating!” They both teach competitive marching bands which is how they met! Natalie teaches music full-time and Andrew teaches music as well as working full-time for the government. Last April, after the two had spent a week in Italy, Andrew proposed under the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin! You’ll see the spot later in the post!

I loved getting to know Natalie and Andrew… and Barkley and having the best time taking photos! Stay tuned for some of my favorites from this Jefferson Memorial engagement session!


jefferson memorial engagementjefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-3A few cherry blossom trees left in the background!

jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-10HOW CUTE IS BARKLEY!?jefferson memorial engagement bullpugjefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagement

jefferson memorial engagementhaha! Andrew’s mom was actually out of the frame distracting Barkley with treats!jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-15jefferson memorial engagementjefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-16LOVE that architecture!jefferson memorial engagementjefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-25Love this one!jefferson memorial engagementjefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-26jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-28jefferson memorial engagementjefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-30jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-24jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-21jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-35jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-33jefferson memorial engagementHard to believe there were tons of people on the steps… you don’t see anyone in this shot!jefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementAll the people we avoided in our shots up on the monument!jefferson memorial engagementHow gorgeous is Natalie’s ring?!jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-45jefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementLOVE THIS PHOTO!!!!jefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementSo cute! jefferson memorial engagementjefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-57jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-58jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-60jefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementThe tree on the right is the spot where Andrew proposed last April!!jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-63jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-67Okay, so this is funny – these two photos were taken at the SAME time! The one on the left was taken to expose for the monument and the one on the right was exposed for the sunset! Crazy, right!?jefferson-memorial-dc-engagement-65jefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementjefferson memorial engagementThank you, Natalie and Andrew for such a fun session at the Jefferson Memorial!!! Can’t wait for your wedding in June!

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