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April 24, 2017




Diggin’ that alliteration my friends… it worked perfectly for this weekend! Holy guacamole, this spring is zooming by. It’s almost the END of April — say whattttt? I know I skipped last weekend’s trip to Charleston “Weekender Recap”… but don’t worry, more on all that Charleston/Bachelorette Party trip goodness coming to the blog this week! Anyways… last week was a good week! I got back from Charleston, had an engagement session at Stone Tower Winery, took some fun headshots of Tiffany from Sugar Studio, and then saw lots of friends over the weekend!

Friday: I met up with the lovely Bethanne Arthur for dinner at Monk’s BBQ in Purcellville and we happened to hit it on a fun night filled with live music by Jake and the Burtones. They were so fun! Then my sister and her roommate appeared unexpectedly so it was fun to run into them!

Saturday: I met up with my sister and a bunch of friends out at Old 690 Brewery in Hillsboro! It was pouring rain but we didn’t let that stop us! We hung out there for a few hours then headed to Greenhill Winery in Middleburg before ending up at home for tacos and a dance party – solid Saturday if you ask me!

Sunday:  I drove down to Mechanicsville to celebrate Corrin for her bridal shower! You would have thought I would have her favorite color down by now since we played the “how well do you know Corrin” game at her bachelorette party last weekend… but I failed again. Her favorite color is BLUE, by the way. The funniest question during the game was “If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?” and I said “Pretzels: A Love Story” because if you know anything about Corrin, she’s OBSESSED with pretzels.

Weekend Top 5!

  1. The smoked gouda mac-n-cheese from Monk’s BBQ is literally heaven and I wish I could eat it every single day.
  2. I always try flights when I go to breweries that I’ve never been to. I was surprised by how much I loved the Chocolate Milk Stout at Old 690! Like it ACTUALLY tasted like chocolate! Shoutout to Old 690 for having help yourself popcorn. #crowdpleaser
  3. Bacon and Ed’s makes some mighty delicious churros. But you probably shouldn’t eat them in your car unless you want sugar all over your lap… not speaking from experience or anything.
  4. Nsync* and old school Britney are always a crowd pleaser for dance parties.
  5. Watching Law and Order: SVU at night is a recipe for nightmares.


Songs I was obsessed with last week!

Something Just Like This – Coldplay and The Chainsmokers

Care – CADE

Sooner or Later – Aaron Carter (yes the same Aaron who sang “I want Candy” back in the day)

brett denfeld photography


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