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May 4, 2017


charleston south carolina photographerCHARLESTON


I told you two weeks ago on a Monday that I wasn’t prepared for my Weekender Recap because I was too tired. Then apparently I fell asleep on my blog and here we are… I skipped a week… or two. So this can’t be a Weekender Recap anymore so… #oops. If you stalked me on Instastory over the time when I was ACTUALLY in Charleston then you know I was there for Corrin’s bachelorette trip! I was so honored to be invited to Corrin’s bachelorette trip, because if you didn’t know, we’ve only been friends for a few months but we connected like besties over our first coffee date that lasted for 4 hours when we were “supposed to” be doing work. HA… get two girls together at a Starbucks and it’s a recipe for friendship. Corrin is also a wedding photographer and we actually connected last summer at a workshop and our first conversation was literally this: “I recognize you from Instagram…” “Me too.”  — obviously true love, my friends.

The weekend was epic – I don’t quite think I could describe it in just a few words so I’m going to go with my top 5 from the weekend instead!

  1. This trip was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! We stayed in the most perfect location in Folly Beach with two beach access points across the street and a 2 minute walk from all the restaurants in town and only a 25 min drive from Charleston! Amazing trip for #CornsNachoAverageBach
  2. I acquired the name of “PC” because I couldn’t stop talking about how much I loved pimento cheese. I got it on my chicken biscuit from Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, picked some up at the market by our house, and also ordered it at dinner one night… OBVIOUSLY. So it was only natural that I earned that nickname of PC. (Every girl got a nickname… some aren’t exactly blog appropriate.)
  3. 80s workout attire is the perfect night out clothing. Hello – sneakers at the bar! Everyone wanted to be us. I can’t tell you the amount of girls who came up to us asking if we were part of a bar crawl or telling us our theme was cute or that they were jealous that we were wearing sneakers. FOR THE WIN!IMG_3820charleston-april-62charleston-april-66
  4. Order the warm crab dip at Coast. Order the fried green tomatoes at Poogan’s Porch. Order the Folly Mermaid at Snapper Jacks. Order the shrimp and grits at Lost Dog Cafe. You’re welcome.IMG_3787
  5. Charleston is literally one of the prettiest places ever. I walked down Legare Street and stared at every single house wishing I could take a tour of it… or live there. I’ll take either. Every house was covered in greenery and had pretty architecture or flowers galore or fountains… so pretty gahhhh.IMG_3781

IMG_3729Cellphone photos for the win ^IMG_3753Here are some (profesh) photos from the weekend!

charleston-april-1THE BACHELORETTE HERSELF!charleston-april-6charleston-april-7We ordered a bright blue sky for the day and it was perfect!charleston-april-10charleston-april-12charleston-april-16charleston-april-14charleston-april-17charleston-april-28

charleston-april-19charleston-april-24charleston-april-34charleston-april-22charleston-april-31charleston-april-40charleston-april-59Poogan’s Porch!!!charleston-april-57charleston-april-53Oh, hey, it’s me!charleston-april-54charleston-april-70

As you can see – it was clearly a terrible time…ha! The total opposite! It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on! One of the things I loved the most was getting to meet Corrin’s friends and totally clicking with them. I’m obviously a chatterbox so I had no problem getting to know everyone. We made some really good memories and laughed a lot and I’m already missing that weekend and wanting to plan another one! Thank you Corrin for including me on one heck of a bachelorette trip!

xoxo bd