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June 26, 2017

riverside on the potomac weddingRACHEL & DEX | RIVERSIDE ON THE POTOMAC | LEESBURG, VA

I’m sorry in advance for probably one of the longest blog posts ever… but Riverside on the Potomac is gorgeous so enjoy all of these photos AND it’s the wedding of my COUSIN! (You may remember their super cute Outer Banks engagement session from last May!) First of all, the weather was calling for rain all week and we didn’t have a single DROP! #weddingmiracle amiright?! The day was literally perfect. I’m someone who doesn’t like using the word perfect because nothing is ever perfect but honestly – it was the smoothest day! I met up with the girls at the hotel and started with all of the pretty details -from the sparkly hair piece, custom garter, to her something borrowed – grandma’s handkerchief and her something old – 6 pence. (We’ll get to the something blue later!! Keep scrolling!). What made the morning fun was it was filled with family and Rachel’s friends who I’ve met before. The energy was so calm and everyone was just enjoying themselves – champagne in hand, of course!

I had the ever so wonderful Bethanne Arthur assisting me all day. She took the guys for photos while I took photos of the girls in the garden! Aside from one little scare with a tiny garden snake… everything ran so smoothly! Every single girl looked like a million bucks – I reallyyyy had to hold back my tears – seeing my cousin as the bride and her sisters and MY sister as bridesmaids. I was totally feeling emotional! Setting up the first look with my Uncle was a super sweet moment and everything about the wedding day hit me so much more because it WAS family and I was there capturing it all!

The ceremony included special touches for the bride and groom including their officiants – my Uncle Paul and Rachel & Dex’s close friend, Meade. They included an acoustic song, personal hand-written vows, and a special ribbon ceremony where they asked 7 different groups of people who stood for different qualities to tie ribbons around their hands. I think my favorite part was how genuine the ceremony was to their relationship. They spoke back to the audience a few times – joking about who was going to cry first and who was going to win the bet. After the ceremony, family gathered in the garden for portraits and we took a giant family photo of both families! (Keep scrolling to that part of the day to see this super cute moment that I captured for my grandpa!) The bridal party was more than easy to work with! We had fun taking portraits before they were released to cocktail hour. Just check out their “dropping the mixtape” photo – totally stealing that phrase from Rachel’s bridesmaid, SK… because it is too good, you’ll see!

Let’s talk about this cute reception. I don’t want to give it away too soon — so like the other secrets.. you’ll just have to keep scrolling to see. HINT: There was a surprise toast! After dances, I snuck outside with Rachel and Dex for sunset portraits and they were SO romantic!!! Riverside on the Potomac has perfect scenery for golden hour! The rest of the evening was a big dance fest! Bouquet & garter tosses, shoe game, and a special song for Rachel by her Delta Gamma sisters came before their sparkler exit!!

Oh gosh, I could keep going — I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! Both Rachel and Dex smiled ALL DAY LONG! Multiple times they both kept saying it was the best day ever… and it was. Congratulations Rachel and Dex!! Now, can you find the 3 surprises? Keep scrolling

riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-7_WEBHow gorgeous are all of these bridal details!?!?!riverside on the potomac weddingDancing shoes for later at the reception!!! Gotta love those Kate Spade Keds!
riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingIt’s so crazy to read Rachel’s name on a wedding invite!!! ahhhh!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-15_WEBCheck out this cute custom garter!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-38_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-22_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-23_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-26_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-25_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-27_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-19_WEBWhen you find this gorgeous silver tray at the venue… you use it for more bridal details… duh.riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-33_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-32_WEBThe girls!
riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-42_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-43_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-31_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-53_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-60_WEBReady for the bridesmaid reveal!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-57_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingThat’s one proud mama!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-59_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-61_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-67_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingAll the girls look so beautiful!!!riverside on the potomac weddingAwww that sweet, Kenna Lee!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-78_WEBHeart eyes!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingIs it possible that I couldn’t stop taking photos of this stunning bridal party? maybe????riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-83_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-113_WEBAs SK called it… the “dropping the mixtape” pose… hahahaha!riverside on the potomac weddingSisters by blood and by Delta Gamma!riverside on the potomac weddingMY sister and MY cousin! ahhh! It’s not real!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingBerry girls!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-103_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingJunior bridesmaid, Kohen, and flower girl, Kenna – Rachel’s nieces!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-104_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-109_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-84_WEBFather Daughter First Look!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-90_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-92_WEBSo sweet!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-95_WEBDying over this bridal beauty!!!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-119_WEBGorgeous Ray!!!riverside on the potomac wedding

Let’s take a look at the guys! Dex told me he had such a fun time taking pictures with Bethanne and it shows!!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-40_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-44_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-45_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-54_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-56_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-63_WEBLook at that happpppppy groom!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-51_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-73_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-72_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-128_WEBRachel’s parents MADE the doors!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-121_WEBPoor Wyatt! He didn’t like having his picture taken!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-130_WEB

It took some arm twisting but Bo finally let me get a good shot!

Ready for surprise #1?! Rachel’s something blue!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-137_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-136_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-139_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-141_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-135_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-143_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-144_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-146_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-147_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-148_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-152_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-154_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-156_WEBMR & MRS GREEN!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-157_WEBNow that’s a family photo!! Two families joined!
riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-160_WEBThe happy parents of the bride and groom!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-163_WEB

Okay… this isn’t really a surprise… but #2 is so cute! Papa told me how he used to own a black one of these old cars and he “never thought he’d ever see it again.” So of COURSE we had to get a photo! It was so sweet!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingThe whole squad!riverside on the potomac weddingWhen your friend is a cop…riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingWe sent the bridal party to cocktail hour and started bride and groom portraits!!!
riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingHow cute is this little chapel? A new addition to Riverside on the Potomac!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac wedding

Totes official!riverside on the potomac wedding

I love this shot of the bride and groom and the venue! Riverside on the Potomac is gorgeous! (also… thanks to that branch on the right because my bag was totally in the grass and that leaf is blocking it… haha!)riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-192_WEB

Reception detail time! riverside on the potomac wedding

All of the signs you see – all done by the bride herself!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-190_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-175_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-180_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingQuilt handmade by the bride’s two Aunts and mom!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-199_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-204_WEBLet’s bring in the bridal party!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-194_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-195_WEBYAY!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-196_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-197_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingLet the speeches begin!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-205_WEBBo Berry, do you have something to add?riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-206_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-207_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-212_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-214_WEBThe last and best surprise!!!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-215_WEB

Rachel surprised Dex by getting a video recording of Dex’s Best Man’s speech all the way from Thailand where his best man was deployed! It was the CUTEST moment! Dex was SHOCKED and he cried and it was so beautiful to witness!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-216_WEB

riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-219_WEBI think it’s the first best man toast done by being in a bathing suit in a jacuzzi… ha!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-220_WEBCheers!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-221_WEBRachel and my Aunts and the quilt they made!!!riverside on the potomac weddingIS THIS NOT THE CUTEST PICTURE OF DEX AND HIS MOM!?!? (all caps because it’s the cutest!)riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-225_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-226_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingMeg couldn’t control herself… and honestly, neither could I as Rachel and her dad danced to Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl”…
riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-228_WEBKatie and Megan joined for a little bit and I’m pretty sure everyone was in tears… I mean, I was.riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-234_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-235_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-238_WEB

All military – past and present! Recognize that gal on the right? That’s Bethanne – amazing photog and second shooter! She was in the Navy! and Dex said — get in here!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-239_WEBSpecial moment between Papa and Dex! riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-240_WEBBo Berry… possibly making a getaway.riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-243_WEB

Who’s ready for some sunset portrait?! ME ME ME!riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-248_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-249_WEBAre we in Virginia or… riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-250_WEBProbably my favorite golden hour photo ever…riverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-262_WEBI mean…riverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-270_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingriverside on the potomac weddingThere’s that silly side!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-278_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-280_WEBSurprise song from Rachel’s Delta Gamma sisters!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-281_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-282_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-283_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-295_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-284_WEBThis wasn’t your average bouquet toss…riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-287_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-288_WEBThings got a little intense…riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-289_WEBSEE?!riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-286_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-292_WEBKiller dive!
riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-291_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-296_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-301_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-310_WEBriverside on the potomac weddingriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-308_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-311_WEBriverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-309_WEBAlmost ready for the grand exit!! (couldn’t help but sneak this one in there… haha Bethanne and my sister!)riverside-on-the-potomac-wedding-312_WEBGAHHHH The newlyweds!!riverside on the potomac weddingCONGRATS RACHEL & DEX!riverside on the potomac weddingHUGE shoutout to all of the amazing people who worked so hard to put on such an amazing wedding for Rachel and Dex! Thank you to my fantastic second photographer, Bethanne Arthur Photography!

VENUE: Riverside on the Potomac

COORDINATOR: Rachael Ballinger of Savoir Fare

OFFICIENTS: Paul Denfeld (bride’s uncle) & Meade Hines (friend of B&G)

HAIR: Pins-N-Brushes

MAKEUP: The Highlight


SHOES: J.Crew/Kate Spade KEDS

GARTER: JPQuiltsandMoreLLC (etsy)


CATERING: Savoir Fare


RECEPTION FLORALS: Whole Blossoms arranged by Susie Mason & Karen Adams (bride’s aunts)

CAKE: Victoria’s Cakery

FARM TABLES: Barnes Farm Tables

DJ: DJ Mark Maskell


QUILT: Susie Mason, Karen Adams, & Chris Berry

brett denfeld photography

  1. Susie Mason

    June 26th, 2017 at 7:28 PM

    Amazing photos Brett. You captured the whole day beautifully. It was a spectacular wedding.

  2. Tammy Drysdale

    June 26th, 2017 at 9:06 PM

    These pictures are so very beautiful! Some of them brought tears to our eyes. Grandma and I really loved looking at them!! Thank you for doing such a terrific job putting them all together for us to enjoy!!

  3. Janice Berry Dubach

    June 27th, 2017 at 9:24 AM

    The pictures are just amazing. So sorry I couldn’t make it. My eyes leaked while looking at and reading them. I love you my Beautiful Niece, Mrs. Green.

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