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December 18, 2017


london-england-travel-photographer-87EUROPE ADVENTURE: LONDON | TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER

I’ve been SO behind with these travel posts! I traveled to Europe with my mom back in JULY for 18 days. J U L Y! First up, London. One of my favorite cities in the WORLD! I’ve written about London before. If you’ve followed me long enough, you know that I studied abroad in London in college and when I get the chance to travel to Europe every few years, I HAVE TO make a pit stop in London before going anywhere else. I’m legit obsessed with this city. I type this all the time… but I actually live the obsession. To the left of me at my desk is a framed watercolor print of London and around my office are 6 other photos of London on my shelf and walls. Oh, I’m also wearing Union Jack socks at the moment. I promise I also love the USA… but the obsession with London is real. This summer, tickets to Europe were really cheap. I asked my mom if she’d be down for a European adventure and to my surprise she said “YES!” Originally we thought we’d be going to Tuscany and Greece but on second thought, we knew it would be HOT there so we decided to give Northern Europe a shot! My mom found an itinerary on the Rick Steves website going from Austria to Switzerland so we pretty much copied it! But, as you know, I couldn’t travel to Europe without stopping in London. PLUS my mom had never been to London, so I had to take her to my old stompin’ grounds! So before I dive into the other cities from our European adventure, I give you stop #1: LONDON!

Night one we stayed in Crouch End with my wonderful host family, Katharine, Tony, Jack and Sam. We took my mom to Ally Pally, then came back for prosecco in the garden before dinner then also fit in Hampstead Heath, drove around Highgate, and ended the night at a pub in Highgate before completely passing out. The next few days we stayed in a boutique hotel in Kensington! We spent the rest of days we hit up Kensington Palace and the gardens, Trafalgar Square, Westminster, central London, Portobello Market, Kensington & Chelsea, Leadenhall Market, Tower Bridge, South Bank… you name it, we did the damn thing. I ALSO had the pleasure of capturing engagement photos for Nick and Maryann at the Natural History Museum downtown! (I blogged their session a few months ago!)

Here are a few photos of the trip!!!

london-england-travel-photographer-1 Tiny hotel room!london-england-travel-photographer-6 london-england-travel-photographer-7 london-england-travel-photographer-11 london-england-travel-photographer-10 The gardens around Kensington Palace!london-england-travel-photographer-12 london-england-travel-photographer-13 london-england-travel-photographer-21 The White Garden at Kensington Palace in honor of Princess london-england-travel-photographer-23

london-england-travel-photographer-29 london-england-travel-photographer-33 My pretty mama!london-england-travel-photographer-35 It was a touch windy, The architecture in this city!!!!london-england-travel-photographer-44 london-england-travel-photographer-49 london-england-travel-photographer-50london-england-travel-photographer-52 Colorful flowers in St. James’s Park!london-england-travel-photographer-57 If she wasn’t walking next to me, she was wandering to take a photo of something!london-england-travel-photographer-55 london-england-travel-photographer-54 london-england-travel-photographer-60 london-england-travel-photographer-61 Buckingham Palace!!
london-england-travel-photographer-63Walked around South Bank at night! London is pretty at night!london-england-travel-photographer-66 St. Paul’s cathedral & the Thames!london-england-travel-photographer-68 Wandered around Portobello Market. Colorful buildings and doors around every corner!london-england-travel-photographer-69 I liked these tangled vines around the metal gate…london-england-travel-photographer-72 Loveeeee. I bet this Wisteria is pretty in bloom!
london-england-travel-photographer-75 london-england-travel-photographer-76 london-england-travel-photographer-79 Lololol at this secret door!
london-england-travel-photographer-80 london-england-travel-photographer-81 london-england-travel-photographer-83 london-england-travel-photographer-85 london-england-travel-photographer-88 london-england-travel-photographer-89 london-england-travel-photographer-90 london-england-travel-photographer-93 Everyone knows I dislike cats… london-england-travel-photographer-95 london-england-travel-photographer-96 Look at these houses! All white and ivory homes – pretty!london-england-travel-photographer-98london-england-travel-photographer-104 london-england-travel-photographer-101 london-england-travel-photographer-100 london-england-travel-photographer-106 london-england-travel-photographer-107 Neutrals everywhere! So different from Portobello road colors!london-england-travel-photographer-112 london-england-travel-photographer-115 london-england-travel-photographer-113 All the london-england-travel-photographer-118 london-england-travel-photographer-120 london-england-travel-photographer-122london-england-travel-photographer-126 london-england-travel-photographer-128 london-england-travel-photographer-127 london-england-travel-photographer-129 london-england-travel-photographer-131 london-england-travel-photographer-134 london-england-travel-photographer-135 london-england-travel-photographer-137 london-england-travel-photographer-138 Westminster Abbey!london-england-travel-photographer-139 london-england-travel-photographer-141 london-england-travel-photographer-140 london-england-travel-photographer-144 london-england-travel-photographer-145 london-england-travel-photographer-148 london-england-travel-photographer-147 london-england-travel-photographer-150london-england-travel-photographer-151 london-england-travel-photographer-152 london-england-travel-photographer-156 london-england-travel-photographer-158 london-england-travel-photographer-159 Recognize this from Harry Potter?!london-england-travel-photographer-162 london-england-travel-photographer-166 Check out this elevator system!!!london-england-travel-photographer-167 london-england-travel-photographer-170 london-england-travel-photographer-172 london-england-travel-photographer-173 london-england-travel-photographer-175 Taking a photo of the bridge and I walk by this note on the ground… so cute!london-england-travel-photographer-179 london-england-travel-photographer-180 london-england-travel-photographer-177 london-england-travel-photographer-181 Mom’s nickname – London Bridge! Ya’ll remember that Fergie song, London Bridge, well… when she says London bridge it sounds like Lundi… which is my mom’s name so… hence the nickname 😉
london-england-travel-photographer-182 The Natural History Museum for Nick and Maryann’s engagement session!london-england-travel-photographer-183london-england-travel-photographer-188 london-england-travel-photographer-190 london-england-travel-photographer-193london-england-travel-photographer-176Until next time, London! Next stop in the bdphotos tour of Europe… Salzburg, Austria! Stay tuned for the next travel blog post!

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  1. Rachel Rice says:

    I never realized London was so pretty!! “Prosecco in the garden before dinner” um YES PLEASE!!!! So when are we going together?!

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