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December 20, 2017


virginia wedding photographerBEHIND THE SCENES 2017 WEDDINGS

The looking back at 2017 series begins! Today, behind the scenes, coming up, floral, bride & groom portraits, and more! This post is one that is not as pretty as my others… that’s because it features behind the scenes… mostly me being sweaty or awkward to making strange faces while my second shooter tests their light. I’ll have to work on getting “prettier” ones for next year! ha! If I learned anything about this behind the scenes post, it’s that I need to buy some new dresses and work on my “waiting for the bride” to walk down the aisle face… haha! You’ll see!

For now, enjoy these silly photos and commentary.hobbs-BTS-2hobbs-BTS-1 virginia wedding photographer Putting everybody in place for family formals!
virginia wedding photographer Doing a little fluffing of the train…virginia wedding photographer It was so windy! These two were total champs!virginia wedding photographerSetting up some detail shots using the bridesmaids dress!
virginia wedding photographer We had to work super fast because the rain was starting!!
claire-BTS-3 claire-BTS-5 Go Derek! Power stance! (It was also a bean boots kinda day… rain, rain, rain!)claire-BTS-6 You can see the rain on Coleen’s lens!!!virginia wedding photographer It’s okay… I don’t mind getting wet if it means getting the shot!claire-BTS-2 claire-BTS-11 Coleen acting as the bride so I could test lighting.claire-BTS-7Peep Coleen…. hahahah!virginia wedding photographer claire-BTS-8 Actual footage of me wondering if the Aunts were going to see down or nah.claire-BTS-10lololol.
claire-BTS-12 HEY COLEEN!virginia wedding photographer Testing light…virginia wedding photographer claire-BTS-16 Who knows…claire-BTS-15

Invitations and rings!denardi-BTS-1 virginia wedding photographer virginia wedding photographer Trying to be apart of the bridal party…
virginia wedding photographer denardi-BTS-7 virginia wedding photographer Just modeling for Bethanne, obviously.virginia wedding photographer virginia wedding photographerCapturing hugs after the first dance!
denardi-BTS-11green-BTS-1 Directing the bride (my cousin)!!!green-BTS-2 green-BTS-4 green-BTS-6 I promise I’m happy to be there!! hahaha!green-BTS-5 Bethanne setting out the quilt for Rachel and Dex so they don’t get dirty!green-BTS-7 I switched into guest-mode at 9pm at my cousin’s wedding!
green-BTS-9 hahahaha Bethanne and my sister! Getting ready for the sparkler send off!green-BTS-10Sometimes I’ll take details onto the porch to get better lighting of the getting ready room is too crowded or dark!libuit-BTS-1 Being bossy obviously. Telling Matt not to turn around because his bride is about to come out for their first look!libuit-BTS-2 Lol my hand getting in the way of Kir’s shot.libuit-BTS-3 Sorry Kir… got in the way again!libuit-BTS-6 Jess are you doing the robot? haha kidding.
libuit-BTS-5 I don’t even KNOW what this is!! why am I so creepy!!!!libuit-BTS-7 Speed walking to our golden hour spot because the sun was setting SO fast!libuit-BTS-8Professional bouquet holder.khan-BTS-1 Yes Shazan, we’re going to “take pictures…”
khan-BTS-2 khan-BTS-3 haha! I promise taking pictures with me is fun!kristen-BTS-1 Wishing I could actually be on the dance floor.kristen-BTS-2virginia wedding photographer Thanks Melissa for letting me test light on you!!!!tracz-BTS-1 Don’t ask me what I’m thinking about… idk.
tag-BTS-2 slager-BTS-1 Hannah of Dear Sweetheart Events and her assistant setting up Emilie and Brian’s wedding reception!!slager-BTS-2 Popped into the Hollins picture!!!
slager-BTS-3Scouting for a first look spot for Elizabeth and Will!russell-BTS-1 Found it!russell-BTS-2 Whatchu think Elizabeth?Russell-Bloopers-17 Russell-Bloopers-41 Russell-Bloopers-42 Another one of those “testing the light” on the dance floor routines!Russell-Bloopers-44 russell-BTS-5 Another Hollins wedding group pic!russell-BTS-7roberts-BTS-1 Capturing James’ letter to Sarah!roberts-BTS-2 roberts-BTS-3 I love this BTS shot photographing the boutonnieres! Thanks Laura!roberts-BTS-5 roberts-BTS-6 roberts-BTS-7 roberts-BTS-8 roberts-BTS-10 Train fluffin’roberts-BTS-9 The makings of a veil shot! Hey Laura!roberts-BTS-11 Talkin’ to Karoline (of Sweet Karoline Events) about the rest of the timeline.roberts-BTS-12 Making sure my flash is set!roberts-BTS-13 roberts-BTS-14 and then… sleeping on the job. HA!

Thanks to another fantastic year of weddings! Can’t wait for the 2018 season to begin! Stay tuned for more looking back at 2017 posts!


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