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February 11, 2019


Last year was the first year I published my coveted holiday newsletter on my blog. I normally only mail it, but I ran out of stamps and figured instead of going to the store to buy more like a normal person, that maybe there were other people who would enjoy it beyond my address book. So here we are again.

Oops. This letter is late. But you know the kind of girl I am. This letter is one of my favorite traditions. I couldn’t let the fans down. I’ve gotten so many texts and messages about if I was doing it. I knew it was gonna be late I just didn’t know how late. So… apologies. And thank you for still loving me despite my tardiness.

2018. This year was surrounded by BIG events. The biggest being… I can officially call myself an adult now because I bought a couch – not just any couch. The literal name was the “Brette” couch. FATE! Oh, AND I moved out of my parents house. WOW GUYS! That process was emotional. Y’all know I’ve been working as a photog for 4 years so I’m SO thankful that my parents let me live the unconventional life at home for (let’s not actually count) years after college while I was working/quitting to pursue photog life full time. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD! (let me puffy paint that on my moving out grad cap. Tassel is flipped to adulthood). I’m thankful for sisters who pushed me… even when I was annoyed, I know they pushed out of love. I learned to accept that not everyone has the same path and mine was just a little different than most.


BIG DEAL: I moved to Richmond (RVA)

While I did MOVE to Richmond in April, I hear: “but did you actually? Because you’re never there.” Which is TRUE. With weddings/workshops/family trips, I was out of RVA… 141 days. Two bachelorettes, work/wedding trips, fam vacay, photography workshops & retreats. Lawd – it was good but long!


Travel from April to December: Nova-RVA-Charleston-RVA-Nova-TX-DC-RVA-Nova-RVA-Nova-Bethany Beach-Nova-RVA-Nova-RVA-VA Beach-RVA-Nova-DC-Miami-Nova-RVA-DC-Nova-VT-Montreal-Nova-RVA-DC-RVA-Nova-Waco-Sun Valley-Nova-RVA-DC-RVA-Nova-DC-RVA-Phoenix-Key West-RVA-Nova-Blacksburg-Nova-RVA-Nova-RVA-Nova-Austin-San Antonio-Austin-Nova-RVA

Yes. Lots of miles. Lots of flying. Lots of suitcase life. Lots of “get home from trip. Do laundry. Pack same clothes in suitcase. Sheesh. I’m excited to be suitcase-less and actually go to the grocery store.



I’m honestly pretty sure that I have a record in the guiness book of world records for all that crying I was doing. I can’t even find the right words to describe the day so I’ma go with speechless. It was – incred. I think I invented a new feeling of happiness that day.

BIG DEAL: Finally went to Nashville. I don’t think you understand the happiness that trip brought. It was a top trip for me and a dream come true (I sound like a Disney character).


The 2018 run through wouldn’t be complete without my new series of what I loved, disliked, and LOL-ed at. ENJOY


Things I loved:

  • My salt lamp
  • Long walks around the Fan/Museum districts in Richmond & sitting on the lawn of the VMFA
  • The “bartender’s choice” cocktail at the Alley Light in Charlottesville. A drink i would have NEVER ordered for myself. Ingredients: mango, tequila, habenero. I felt like fireworks were in my mouth.
  • Celebrating my sister all year long! From bachelorette to bridal shower to epic wedding.
  • Living across the street from a million breweries. Faves: Ardent & The Veil Brewing
  • Mom’s milk frother for coffee. Best gift we ever gave her. The gift that keeps on giving.
  • Pickle shots in Savannah for Emma’s bach! Don’t knock it til you try it
  • Collaborating for two styled shoots this year! One in Middleburg in March and another in October with a team of Richmond wedding vendors I just met. It didn’t even feel like work. It was THAT fun.

Love in Loudoun Styled Shoot

Modern Tuscany Styled Shoot

  • Sun Valley sunsets – like a BRIGHT ORANGE sky. I was like is the sky actually on fire? What is going on? It was incredible. Also HIGHLY enjoyed the hot spring that we drove 45 minutes without actual cell service to get to and then had to wade through FREEZING water to play 3 bears on the spring that worked for us.
  • Winning in OT at that VT vs UVA thanksgiving game. What just happened?
  • Dressing up (heals even… wha??) for a night on the town. Dinner, drinks at the Jefferson, and then ordering FOUR desserts at this dessert only restaurant in RVA. no regrets.
  • 13in of snow before christmas. Having 4 wheel drive and having one hell of a snow day around RVA!

Things I disliked:

  • Richmond pollen season. Spring & Fall. L I T E R A L L Y felt like I almost died.
  • Having an allergic reaction to the new laundry detergent my mom bought (after I moved out) that I then used WHILE i was home for the holidays. Rash rash rash.
  • Feeling like I was going to die on a tiny hopper plane from Boston to Rutland, VT when the pilot says “we’re going to cut through the mountains… we should be good.” OHMYGODHELPME.
  • When you tell the waitress that you can’t do spicy and she suggests the pico because it’s not that spicy but you eat it and feel like you look like Will Smith in Hitch.
  • When I threw away old candy corns and they sat in the bottom of my trash and i guess melted. And created candy corn sticky soup and broke through the bag and when i lifted the bag out of the trash… dripped it all around the kitchen. NICE!
  • **Thing I disliked last year: La Croix. Still rings true but redeemed itself as a mixer on Erica’s Bachelorette.


Things that made me LOL:

  • Getting invited to my brides’ bachelorette in Key West. That was a first!
  • The crazy names that The Veil Brewing comes up with for naming their beers. We we ded ded & idontEVERwanttoBU. Like what? How do i get on the creative team for this?
  • Complicated Starbucks orders
  • Getting locked inside a Chick-fil-a bathroom stall and having to yell for help.
  • Getting trapped inside an elevator… and having to call for help.
  • Forcing all of my friends and family to take the Enneagram test. I’m type 2: the helper. I’ve never been so understood.
  • Inside jokes: Context is everything but feel free to LOL if this pertains to you. Trolley bae, I’m not ordering an embarrassing drink, “i am not made for acting”, I like Halo, laylo hayes, lance, “did you fall from laughing or are you reaching for a cookie?”, should we get triangle tattoos?, that’s not a real allergy, “we’ve reached a new level of friendship.. Is the door open?”, “yeah i know you told me. We only talk every week for 2 hours at a time.”, “wait. Is this your first time having boursin?”


What a year – don’t I say that every year? Yeah probs. Get over it. It was filled with so much happiness, love, new friends, laughing, goal setting, dancing, more laughing, good beer – def shoutout to the good beer. Let me stop before I melt into a puddle. But thank you to all of you – near (like 4 minutes away) and far (I think the furthest this going is London) for being in my life… in real life, a quick text, a message on my blog, a DM on Instagram, a phone call for 2 hours, a coffee date here, a dinner date there, an inside joke to laugh upon, – whatever capacity you are – you’re important to me and I wish I could hug ya right now! Visit me ANYTIME (let’s put it on the calendar right nowww – you all know how I like to keep that planner lit up with activities.)



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