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Virginia Beach engagement

September 25, 2019



A panda walked into a bar… no really. Jordan and Mark met at a Halloween party three years ago hosted at Back Bay Brewing in Virginia Beach. Jordan and her girlfriends were dressed up as “party animals.” One of their friends was supposed to come dressed as a panda but didn’t end up coming… but guess who showed up…. MARK – IN A PANDA SUIT! WHAT! What is this sorcery?! I love this story so much. Jordan and Mark talked the whole night at the bar and ended up staying later than all of their friends. They exchanged numbers and talked for 24 solid straight hours… and haven’t stopped talking since. Cutest story ever!

Naturally we started their Virginia Beach engagement session at Back Bay Brewing and the manager of the place was like, what?! this is the cutest story ever – here’s a beer on us. Next we drove over to their house to take photos with their adorable golden doodle, Nugget. This nearly one year old puppy had SO MUCH ENERGY – the photos are hilarious. We ended the session over at Pleasure House Point at the Brock Environmental Center. Um. Guys. We were supposed to have clouds and RAIN and we SCORED the most beautiful golden-y light and I’m now obsessed with this location because it’s like the beach but with no people. We walked around in barefoot which was lovely… except for when Jordan got a huge thorn stuck in her foot… but Mark did some surgery and we’re all good.

Jordan and Mark – thank you for taking me on a little tour of Virginia Beach and letting me capture your infectious happiness. I’m still obsessed with all of the photos we took at Pleasure House Point! I cannot WAIT for your wedding next month at Dover Hall in Richmond!


 Obviously made them sit in the same barstools where they sat the night they met… (kicked out a couple who was there celebrating their 12 year anniversary – they were more than happy to “get out of our way” and thought it was totally adorable that Jordan and Mark had met here!!)

Jordan: We had our first kiss on that bench outside.

Me: omg, cute… we’re obviously recreating that, NOW!


What did I tell ya – LOOK AT THIS CUTIE LITTLE NUGGET!  Kisses for mom!  Dying over these next few. Next we drove over to Pleasure House Point! Not pictured: me in the most awkward position known to man to get this photo.   Loving this warm glow!  Infectious laughter the whole time – I’m tellin’ ya!  Every time I had them look at each other, Mark would be like: “Hi.” Jordan was like, “Mark… you don’t have to say it every time.” Mark: okay… “hi” I think this one is my fave!  Peep the out of focus heron in the background to the right haha Hope you enjoyed this Back Bay Brewing and Pleasure House Point engagement session! Jordan and Mark! I loved getting to meet you in real life and spending the evening with you around Virginia Beach! I can’t wait to see you guys in a month for your WEDDING at Dover Hall!

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