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January 17, 2020



It’s been a while since I’d been down to downtown Leesburg for an engagement session and then I happened to go home for Thanksgiving and have two, back to back! I love this location for the variety of backgrounds and spots that are there to discover! Cat and Jake were 100% good sports with the chilly temps and I’m still in awe of how Cat was able to walk around in a spaghetti strap dress and heels while the wind whipped through her hair… seriously. Cat and Jake felt like friends immediately and we spent the next two hours laughing a LOT, talking about the friends that connected us to begin with, and pretending like it wasn’t 40 degrees. Our reward after photos were beers at the downtown Leesburg Delirium Cafe – which Cat was stoked about because she studied abroad in Belgium! We spent time talking about our families, the wedding, travel, and how we had both been to the same obscure Swiss Alps town just months apart. I can’t wait for their Dover Hall wedding at the end of this year!!!

Thank you, Cat and Jake, for choosing me to capture this exciting season of your life! Keep scrolling this downtown Leesburg engagement session if you like dogs, hair goals, and some bloopers.

 Windblown rom-com kiss? I think so.  Looks like a summery glow pic. Now imagine it’s 44 degrees and you’re in a dress and it’s windy.  Lookin’ dapper, Jake!  I love how many photos that I have of Cat and Jake laughing.

 Would anyone believe me if I told you this was the edge of the parking lot? Literally 2 feet from Cat is a row of cars. Ha!  We are also shoved into this fluffy bush on the side of the road and I probably had to move and wait 239487234 times but I WANTED the shot. Will do anything for the shot.  Okay. #hairgoals what did I tell ya? Everyone’s favorite part: bloopers.

 Mr and Mrs Bond.Can’t wait for December 2020 for more laughs… and probably more bloopers.