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February 6, 2020



I met Tim and Rachel through mutual friends a few years ago and I can’t wait to be the photographer for their wedding this Fall at the Birkby House in downtown Leesburg! When we had our initial phone call it was like a no brainer that we’d be the perfect match. Rachel and I started talking about the day and getting so excited about all of the details. I appreciate a bride who is down to discuss details because I’m here for it. It’s fun to envision the day together and be on the same page about expectations, etc. Anyways… enough about inquiry calls. Tim and Rachel’s session was down to earth mixed with jokes. We started the session in their car… drinking wine, duh. But actually, it was freezing outside and we were soaking up the last bit of heat we could. Rachel wanted to calm her nerves a little before photos and didn’t let me out of the car until I had some wine with her… jkjk no one has to twist my arm for wine.

We wandered up and down the streets of downtown Leesburg and found some great little spots for photos and froze a little but ended the evening at Delirium for a flight of beers and some of their parm fries! I’m looking forward to working with this chill couple again at their downtown Leesburg wedding this Fall!

Enjoy looking through their downtown Leesburg engagement session. Keep an eye out for some bloopers!

Gotta love Tim.  Later this Fall they’ll be tying the knot RIGHT HERE!!!!  V cute, Tim. I’m pretty obsessed with this stone building and their Fall outfits! 

*insert HEART eyes*

Congratulations Rachel and Tim! I can’t wait for your big day in October!


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